Monday, October 4, 2010

And you thought I was bad before!

I really have been horrible about posting and I greatly apologize for that but I will blame it on three things:

1) Kitchen Renovation: Yes, this wonderful idea that we did 1.5 months before our wedding. The AWESOME news is that we finished everything (but the back splash) last Monday just before Scott went deer hunting

2) Deer Hunting: with the end of September now passed it means that Scott and the men in his family disappear for a week to hunt deer at Scofield. It was nice for them this year in not having to camp but they didn't get a deer, witch is sad. You must be thinking, why did that effect me? WELL! I moved in to watch Captain for the week and the internet modem died last week so I didn't have any access to internet at home.

3) Wedding: This has been the big topic of discussion over the past 6 months and guess what? We are now down to 4 days. It is so exciting that it is FINALLY here. We just need to get though all the exciting events before the wedding. What does that mean? Well the Bachelorette party is Thursday, Pampering on Friday along with the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner/ and hanging out at Keys on Main. Satuday there is just a thing called a wedding with all of the exciting events that fall within that. Sunday brings a brunch and some relaxing time with my awesome out of state guests and then Monday we leave for a vacation to Cancun.

So I can pretty much guarantee that I won't update until after the honeymoon so look for me again after October 19th when I am back and married to Scott. :)