Sunday, October 26, 2014

Moving along, almost 31 weeks!

Overall it has been a good 2 weeks. We are just short of the 31 week mark and I really feel great, even despite the gestational diabetes that we are still dealing with.

I've been working to get my numbers under control. During the day I have been really good, for the most part, but I haven't been able to get my AM fasting levels to where the doctor wants it to be. So Friday I worked with the nutritionist and hopefully the new plan works. If anyone has good ideas for a night 'snack' that includes protein please let me know! So far this weekend we have gotten the morning levels down so hopefully the new plan works out. 

We tried to get the baby's furniture this week with Robyn and Dan but we were only able to get the dresser. Apparently Ikea's distributor is having issues in getting them the cribs. Hopefully we will be able to get it in the next couple of weeks when the shipment comes in. If not, we will have to look for another idea for the crib.  We will be picking up the bassinet from a friend next week so in all reality he will have somewhere to sleep when he gets here.

In other news Scott made the best brisket that he has ever made last night for the USC football game. This picture doesn't do half the justice but it will have to work for you all. Maybe we can say that he will do it again sometime soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

3rd Trimester- Ready, Go!

I am super excited about entering into the 3rd trimester but at the same time I am wishing I was back in the 'honeymoon' stage of this pregnancy. I think the part that I'm struggling with is my sleep. Getting up 2+ times each night and some nights staring at the ceiling for an hour is a little excessive and tiring. I know its getting me ready for the new arrival but sleep is so nice!

We* have been super productive in getting the nursery fully painted and we have put the tree decal on the wall. It is super exciting to get that done and now we just need to get the furniture for the room. Above is the photo of the 'main' wall where we are going to put the crib. I think we are getting the crib next week so more photos will come.  *And when I say 'we' it's all Scott.

The bad news is I did the glucose testing last week and I have gestational diabetes. It's hard to swallow that ego pill as I thought I was doing well. I haven't gained too much weight (13lbs last week) and I was pretty active for the first 22 weeks. So I spent this afternoon learning about what I need to do to keep this under control. The true excitement is the use of the wonderful meter pictured above. :-/

Overall this new change is good for both Scott and I. I am not looking forward to the challenge for this girl who loves her carbs.  I really don't think it will not be a hard transition it will just require me to start to think about what I'm eating. The excercise will not be an issue I just need to leave the office on time and go to they gym.  I also need to look at this the way the nutritionist pointed out- it will only be for 11 weeks (::crossing fingers::).

In all reality, life is going great and we are super excited to have the little man join us in just over 10 weeks but we have a lot to do before he can come. (Do you hear that little guy? You can't come early.)