Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Photo a Day Days 19-31

Yep, I missed a week again. Sorry about that, life becomes crazy and I just don't get around to the blogging even though I should.. Enjoy the rest of March's photos a day.

Day 19: Funny. You never let Scott go to the dog store alone as he will come back with this...

Day 20: Before/After: The basement that we started a year ago and finished in September. 

Day 21: Delicious- Lucky 13 burger

Day 22: Kitchen Sink- It had a lot of dirty dishes in it...

Day 23: Moon- There wasn't a moon out so I didn't take a photo...
Day 24: Animal: We had a hitchhiker on our car. 

Day 25: Breakfast

Day 26: Key- My Kappa badges (personal and PDC key)

Day 27: Name- Caitlin's beautiful crossstich she made for Scott & I

Day 28: Trash- Our "green trash" is full, hooray for yard cleaning.

Day 29: Feet- My toes are ready for spring!

Day 30: Toys- Our dog is spoiled.

Day 31: Where I relax. 

See you next week! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 12-18th Photo A Day

Just a bit late but here are my week's photos:

Day 12: Fork- Yummy dinner!

Day 13: A Sign- Captain America is around so we are safe!

Day 14: Clouds- Wishing I could be hiking...

Day 15: Car & Day 16: Sunglasses-- Missed Sorry Guys!!

Day 17: Green- Lucky Four Leave Clover.

Day 18: A corner of my house- Hooray for crafts!

Physical Therapy

I had good intentions on updating on Sunday. However, with my physical therapy exercises and showering at night I didn't have any extra time. Sorry!!  The good news is I started physical therapy last Monday. It has been a good 5 days of therapy (11 days of home exercises) and I've made it through pretty good. Last Friday I didn't think that I was going to make it out of the session alive.

Why? Well I got to ride the bike 3 days into therapy. It was an amazing time, let me tell you. The good news is I have had 2 more days on the bike and I am doing better on it. I have also started to walk on the treadmill without my brace so things are progressing quite well. On Monday we measured my bend and I was at 108 degrees only 3 weeks since the surgery. So life with therapy is going well. I just hope the next 8+ weeks goes fast so I can be done with the torture of moving my leg... ;-)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge, Update #2

I didn't complete all of February's photo a day challenge but I did do a few. I started March's photo a day a couple day's ago so I've included them in this post. Ideally I will update each week...

 February 20: Handwriting

 February 21: Favorite Photo of Me

 February 22: Where I work

 February 23: My shoes

 February 24: Green (Bills)

 March 9: Red

 March 10: Loud

March 11: Someone I talked to  (Delta Zeta Chapter)


Well, I have been MIA because of my surgery. The good news is that the surgery went well and it was a "best case scenario" when taring my ACL. I was down and out for a week and now we are moving more. I am somewhat walking, if you want to call it that, around the house but I am still using crutches when I am around the town. I start physical therapy tomorrow so I am bracing for the painful start of the recovery. Wish me luck!