Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let it Snow

Well the second massive storm of the year hit today. The above photo was taken when we returned from my parents for dinner about 5:30pm (the snow started at 2:30pm). I went out at 8pm and measured it was 2" but it has continued to snow since then so who knows how much more snow we are going to get.

The good news in regards to the snow, good AIR! I hope this storm doesn't cause too much crazy for the commute in the AM but we know that it will.

New Family Member- Bre

Okay, it's not the best picture but this is a photo of my parent's new puppy, Bre. She was very hyper this afternoon when I went over and didn't get a good photo of her but she is a Tea Cup Schnauzer. She is SO SMALL! I would describe her as the size of a soccer ball but she is skinny! (Scott describes to to be the size of Captain's head). It will be fun to have a new baby in the family- good thing I don't have to potty train her! ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life is Crazy

No news is good news, right? We haven't had a whole lot of "exciting" things going on this year.

Work has been crazy for both of us. My work had school start Jan 6th and only being 6 days into the new position it was a little nuts. Things have somewhat settled but things are still keeping me on my toes. During the last 3 weeks Scott has had a lot of work to do. He worked over New Years and then the busy continued through the middle of this week. He seems to have slowed down for a minute but who knows how long that will last. Now don't get me wrong- being busy is good but he was having to get up at midnight work for 2 hours and then go back to bed. I think that is crazy.

Kappa started up this week and is crazy as usual. I have been trying to get meetings coordinated with the new officers and we are in the final stages of planning for Province Meeting that will be held at the end of February. I think getting through January is key and then we will slow down and not have as much to worry about.

Scott and I are looking forward to the 2nd weekend in February when we are going up to the Barn with friends to have a snowmobile weekend. It will be a fun weekend full of sun (crossing my fingers), snowmobiles, relaxation, and great conversations.  I hope that things start to slow down before the trip but you never know!

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years

This year we we went up to The Barn with the entire family and significant others. Mom, Dad, Nicci and Bill went up Friday afternoon with Scott and I driving up after work that day. Saturday Scott ended up working a lot so that sucked but the rest of us went snowshoeing, cross country skiing (I SUCK at this), and making a Foosball table. In the late afternoon Scott got most of his work done so we went for a quick ride on the snowmobiles. 

Sunday Scott and I spent the morning exploring the area and seeing what Island Park has to offer for snowmobiling. It was a good time and I didn't get stuck (unlike the day before). The afternoon Will and Liz came up and we had a good time taking the razor for a ride and driving.

Monday morning we got up and got to take a tour of Yellowstone. We were able to see all kinds of wildlife including buffalo, coyotes, swan, geese, bald eagles, and otters. We went to the north side of the park and saw the Grand Canyon and it was great to see a new side of  Yellowstone that I haven't seen before. Below are some fun photos of the weekend.  Monday night we were exhausted so we were very low key for the evening but everyone was able to stay up until midnight (surpirsingly difficult!)

On New Years Scott ended having to work so we left early and drove straight home so he could get more work done. I took down Christmas and the house is back to "normal" but very gloomy after all of the decorations being gone. We hope you have a Happy New Year!

The fam