Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bathroom Renovations

This past weekend Scott and I had a plan for Saturday to fix our leaky shower faucet, replace the fan, mow the lawn, and plant our vegetables. The day started out great in getting all of our visits to stores done before the crowds but then it ended when Scott started to work on the shower faucet. The short story of it is we visited 3 home improvement stores, my parents house to get tools, and 7 hours of work we have renovated our shower. It is good to know that we won't have water leaking behind the surround (we had mold!) so that is good.

After the drama...

I'm An Aunt! (to another 4 legged anamal)

Last week Will and Liz went and picked up the cutest husky/malamute mix puppy! Her name is Aspen and she is 8 weeks in these photos. I can now officially say I'm an aunt to a girl. Love puppies but I am very happy that she goes home with another at night, especially when potty training. :)

Isn't she cute??

My First Rzr Ride (as an owner)

While at the Barn we were able to take a break on Sunday and go for a Rzr ride. (It only happened after we could all start to semi-move again.) The exciting thing was Scott let me drive for most of the ride, even though he wanted to drive. We were able to go to the other side of of the lake and stop at a part of the marshy area (where photos are from). I can't wait to get out there again and see what we can see in the area next time!

Memorial Day Weekend

After my fun trip to Minnesota for Caitlin's wedding the next weekend we went to Island Park to visit the Barn. Scott and I knew it was going to be a busy weekend of working in the "yard" but it turned out to be a weekend project. We ended up moving 1.5 trucks of dirt, 10 pallets of sod, finished putting together a pergola, and moved the hot tub. The following pictures are of all of the labor we did. It's great now it's done but man, we couldn't move on Sunday when we had a little "break" from it all.