Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Its been a while

Yeah, I'm not the best at being consistent on updating this thing so I apologize. Life has been busy but what do you expect when planning a wedding?

It has been a good couple of weekends with Scott & his house. His bathroom recived a face lift two weekends ago and I feel bad that it turned out how it did because I don't think Scott was planning on completely doing the bathroom. It started with me saying that the color of the walls (red) needed to change before I moved in. So that prompted a redo for the floor, walls and a new toilet. It looks pretty good and I need to take a picture of it so I'll post on here after. Then last weekend Scott & Brian took out some wildflowers and put in rocks and there are 5 pots full of flowers now. The wildflowers were nice last year but by July they took over the front porch so we hope that this helps keep it looking a little nicer.  There are still plans for the house to include renovating the kitchen, finishing the basement, and fixing the back yard but those will come in the upcoming years.

On the wedding front of things we are moving along so smoothly. I can't remember what I last talked about but we have decided on tuxes, booked the music, decided on a new invite, and determined the food we are going to serve. Its getting down to the details so that is exciting but I'm nervous that we will make a 'wrong' choice and ruin the rest of the wedding. Now it probably wont ruin the wedding but I would know what the drama is about (well not drama but you never know).

Well, life continues and I promise to update sooner than later. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catching Back up

It is always a great time when you get together with your girlfriends. Last night I was able to catch up with a good friend from high school and catch up. Now it hasn't been that long since we chatted, maybe 3-4 months, but its crazy for how much things change in a small amount of time. We talked about the wedding and what our friends from high school are up to. She has done a much better time than I have in keeping up with friends. It was a good time and I didn't expect to stay together for 3 hours talking but it end up being that way. Since we are so busy we don't think we can do a dinner monthly but we are going to try to do a dinner every other month.

Did I tell you that I love chatting with friends??

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wedding Update

Well, I have been away from this blog for a while and I am sorry for that but I hope to stay on it now! Its been busy but successful on the wedding side of life. We are pretty much done with a lot of the planning witch is so nice because we are now 5 months left to the big day (exactly to the day--AH!).  The checklist is getting smaller and smaller so it's getting exciting. Below is a big list of what is done:

Color theme
Cake Designer
Florist & entire flower plan
My Dress
Brides Maid Dresses
Save the Dates
Rehearsal Dinner
Location for Honeymoon

So needless to say that is a LOT of things to done. "Big" stuff that we still need to do (doesn't include the small details):

Decide on tux style/color
Ceremony Musician
Engagement Photos
Finalize Food
Finalize Invitation Wording and Order
Finalize Invite list
Hold rooms for out-of-town guests
Register for gifts
Book wedding night
Book honeymoon

As you can see the to do list is big but I think its doable. Good thing we have a few months, right???

Kitchen Rennovation

Well, life has been busy with a kitchen renovation for Gram. Scott & I were able to help her paint the kitchen and the entryway. Scott & Dad also placed the back splash tiles and I helped clean the mud from between the tiles & helped Dad with grouting the tile. I helped Gram place her fun china (can't remember the technical name) and slightly organize the kitchen. Below you will find a couple of pictures of the finished project:

With this project done Scott has decided that it is time to renovate his bathroom & another part of his house. So next weekend we will be painting the bathroom to a brown/beige color (instead of red, I told him that it had to change before I moved in). The other part project is going to be in the kitchen/family room. Right now there is a wall between the two rooms but the plan is to make the wall a half wall and have a counter on top of the wall and have bar stools on the kitchen side and build storage on the other. This will be a bigger project and will take place over Memorial Day but the project will be great in making his house look a lot bigger. So with these two projects we will be very busy 2 out of the next 3 weekends!!