Monday, February 11, 2013

The Barn with the Andersons

This past weekend we went to the Barn with the Anderson's. We had a nice long weekend going snowmobiling, relaxing, and eating good food. Friday we went to West Yellowstone and did a ride with Scott and Tyson's parents who were up there for the weekend. It was a beautiful day and we were able to see a lot of the area. Saturday we hung out at the house and took everyone on a ride around the Barn. I had a little Soy shadow the entire weekend and Scott made a friend in Nix.  It was a great weekend and I can't wait until the next getaway with them to Moab!

Views over the mountains.

Soy sleeping in grandmas arms.

Before the nap.

Beautiful views.

Soy sledding

Nix and Soy hanging out in the Razor.

Scott & his sled.

Feeding the fish. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Finally Treading Water

I am finally treading water and not drowning like this cat.

It is crazy that the month of January is done. Work is finally slowing down to a low roar where I can actually see my desk! It is amazing when you finally get through the main things at least once it makes it a lot easier. Now I only have to make it through the rest of the year when we have all the fun stuff that you only deal with one time a year. ;)

The other thing that I was swimming in is Kappa. The good news is we only have 18 days until Province Meeting. That will be so nice to get it done and not have to worry about anything else anymore. It will be a good time but the planning is crazy!