Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pass of All Passes

Two years ago Scott & I got the Pass of All Passes. Since we got them it has been the best investment that we have used! We are loving that we get these passes every year. In addition to having something to do at nights in the summer when we ride our bikes over to the waterpark we get to go to other sporting events.  Last night we were lucky and went to the Real Salt Lake game. It was a great game and had a wonderful time watching them beat Seattle 2-1. If you don't already have a Pass of All Passes I encourage you to get it!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy 34th Anniversary

Happy 34th Anniversary to my parents! I just had to send a shout out to my parents who are about to pull anchor from Maui. Yep, they did a cruise to Hawaii for their anniversary. It is definitely a opposite situation of them in this photo! I'm wishing them to 34 more years together...

Moab 2013

Scott & I took a long weekend to go down to Moab, UT.  I have lived in Utah my entire life (minus school) and I have NEVER been down there before. We went down with the Anderson's and some of their friends for the weekend. Scott and I left on Thursday night after we got done with work and got to our camp spot about 10pm. In the morning this was our view as we got out of our tent:

Our group all had campers so Scott and I stayed at a campground that had running water where we could shower after the end of the day. :) Once we got up and moving we went to their camp that was about 15 miles away. We we were trying to get to Gemini Bridges as a group but got lost on the "shortcut" to the local. On the drive the Anderson kids fell asleep: 

Once we found the main road the rest of the group needed to get back so Scott and I went onto the site. It was freaky to see such a steep cliff there but it was pretty cool to see: 
Scott looking over the edge.
The Gemini Bridges- view from the side.

That night we hungout at the group campground and had a fun light laughing and chilling next to the fire pit. The next morning Scott & I went and did Hells Revenge. We got up early and beat the crowds since there was a Half-Marathon going on that morning and we guessed that things were going to get crazy. It was crazy and had a lot of fun doing it. Here is one photo from the ride: 

That afternoon we met back up with the group and went and saw some hieroglyphics that was near their campsite:

And then went on the Wipeout ride. We were at the "wipeout" wall and actually saw one jeep go down and back up and a 2nd made it down but we left before it got back up. This is the crazy face that they were going on:
It looks easy but in all reality its ridiculous.
While there I stayed with Nix while his dad and the guys went up on the rock to watch the jeeps. Such a cute little guy:

On the way back there is a massive ravine. We almost missed it because you can't see it from the main route but it is pretty cool. I have more photos of this as the guys were being funny and walking out to the edge scaring one of the gals that we went with. 

 Saturday night Scott and I went into town and visited one of the wineries and ate at the brewery. It was delicious and I recommend that everyone visit both places. Sunday morning we got up and broke camp and went into Arches so I could go and see the Delicate Arch. It was a great time to go and actually see the arch. I didn't realize how off the path it really is! Here is a picture of Scott & I in front of the arch:

We had a blast and I can't wait to get back down there. It was a great weekend and sparked a new love for this great state of Utah.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Forward Time Change Stinks

Each year we go through this discussion on why do we have spring forward. Its great having the nights lighter but man, does my body not like the time change. This spring my body doesn't know what way is up! At night I am exhausted and you would think that are in the fall and when I get up in the morning I am exhausted like you would normally feel in the spring.

In the end life will go on and we will deal with the time change but I hope it comes sooner than later. My body sure doesn't like not knowing what way is up!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Little Bre

I was able to get back to my parents 2 weeks ago and visit them. It had been a while since I had seen them and Miss Bre. She is the CUTEST thing in the world. I loved playing with her and really made me miss my little Goldie. Someday I will get another small dog (though my "small dog" thinks he is a 10lb dog at times when he is really 50lb..). Here are some photos of her paying with me and a true size relation to judge her at. So cute!!
Stair size comparison.

She was very interested in the camera but didn't want to stop moving.

Watching mom get food for her.

Kappa Kraziness

Last weekend I had the privilege of being the Lead Province Director for the Eta Province meeting that was held in Boulder, Colorado. It was a great weekend and it couldn't have happened without the help from my fellow Province Directors and the other Fraternity volunteers. It was a great weekend of getting Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico Kappas for a great weekend of learning and sharing ideas!

I was re-elected for another 2 years to help out with the chapters again so I hope they are ready to have me for another couple of years. :) On our way home there was a massive snow storm, concequencialy called Snowmageddon. This storm created havoc on the Utah Kappas and getting back to Salt Lake. 13 Actives, 2 advisers, and 2 Alumnae Association presidents were stuck in Denver when Frontier canceled all of their flights around noon. Then later that day the only Delta flight that was canceled was my fellow Province Director of Chapter and I got stuck with the Lucky 13 (see above picture where we were getting delusional after being at the airport for 10+ hours).

We weren't able to get a confirmed seat until Tuesday (we were trying to get home on Sunday) but we were able to get out on standby on Monday morning on the first flight out. The Lucky 13 were able to get a partial refund and purchased a ticket on Delta to get out Monday late afternoon. Looking back there are some great memories and great friendships forged but getting through it all was a pain in the butt! :)