Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Years

I will be traveling down to St. George for the 2nd Annual Pannier New Years in Southern Utah. Last year my sister, Nicci, and her boyfriend, Bill, came down to St. George with my parents, Scott & I for a little celebration. We did a little shopping, 4 wheeling, shooting, looking for caves, relaxed, and went to Mesquite for some gambling. This year we are all going back down to celebrate another year. We don't know what is in store for the weekend because of the weather but it will be good with everyone there. I will return later but I wish you a happy 2011!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Christmas Card

Normally I try to get a Christmas card out before Christmas actually happens. This year it didn't happen because of getting the wedding thank you notes done. SO this year it is electronic, next year you will receive a printed one but until then--Marry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Well I am about a day late but I hope your Christmas was a good one. In the Hortin household it was another great year with our family all around us. We are still trying to get the whole whose house when but we did pretty good this year in not being completely exhausted by the end of the day. 

We started the celebrations last Sunday when Scott's mom's side of the family got together. It was a small group but it was fun nevertheless. We then gathered on Thursday with my mom's side of the family. It was the usual fun time giving each other a hard time but enjoying the company. 

Christmas eve brought us doing lunch with Scott's family and then going to my parents and opening gifts. It was a good time and we had a lot of gifts! 
 Dad with his & mom's stack of gifts from the kids & each other.

 Nicci & Will on their 'spot' of the living room. You can see some of their gifts as well...

Charles had a little too much fun so he pretty much passed out while we were opening gifts. After leaving my parents Scott & I went home to exchange our gifts. My big gift was a new camera (a Nikon CoolPix) and I gave Scott a Hi-Point handgun. 

Christmas morning we got up and went to my parents for Sata's visit: 
Once again Santa was very generous and we loved everything we got from him. We also decided that Will was not born from our family but he was hatched from an egg. As you can see from the photo below he definitely isn't like the rest of us: 
(Please note the bomber hat, green sweatshirt, red shirt, shorts, and you can't see his bright orange boxers...) After my parents we went to the Pannier Christmas. There was some hard times given to my Aunt who was late (we were told 10, her family didn't get here until 10:45) but it was another good year doing the peppermint pig and having new people join the party. My cousin Peter was very excited for the day and provided endless entertainment with his remote controlled helicopter. I don't know how many times he ran it into someone or the wall.

After that party we went to the Hortin family party where 20 of us gathered into Grandpas home and ate and laughed the afternoon away. We completed the Hortin party and then went to Scott's parents where we opened our gifts from the family & his parents. We had another successful stop there getting a new screen door for the house (Captain isn't going to not like being able to put his head outside now). We stayed at Scott's parents for a nice french dip sandwich and the Bolen family came over for a while. After we left Scott's parents we went home and spent some time with Captain (the poor guy was locked up all day!). He really enjoyed his Christmas though....

Friday, December 24, 2010

Maaco Bowl 2010

This past week my parents, sister and I went down to the Maaco Bowl to watch the Utah Utes play against Boise State. Now when we go down to Las Vegas we always go shopping at the Fashion show mall. We rarely walk away with a few things from the mall and this was no exception!

After shopping we went to the game. It had been raining for about 2 days before we got there, and through Wednesday and it stopped on our way to the game where it stayed away until we got back. Unfortunately we lost (not that I didn't expect it) but it was a good time overall. Below are some photos from the game, enjoy!

 The North end of the stadium & the team.

 The family before the game.

Nici sporting all of her Utah gear. 

 Mom enjoying the game (it was early in the game). 

Mom, Dad & Swoop!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas 2010

Welcome to the Hortin House Christmas 2010! 

I have slowly been bringing our home into the holiday spirit. I put our Christmas tree up the Friday after Thanksgiving. It is a fun red, white, and silver tree that I got for Scott & Brian last year (they didn't have a tree before). It definitely serves the Utah and holiday theme well!  I do have a few Kappa ornaments on there since I didn't want to fully leave all my old ornaments in the box since I don't have my small tree that Gram got me when I moved in with her but I think its a great "us" tree.

I have also decorated the top of our video storage. Normally I have 'regular' decor there so I have done some holiday stuff this year. We have decorated the island/shelving with some Utah drum and feather lights, countdown to Christmas tree, and vases filed with cinnamon pine-cones. It is definitely eclectic but it works for now...

We finally put shelves over the TV (I had one day when they were not decorated Christmas) and we have now created a fau-fireplace with garland, a couple Santa's and his reindeer's.  We even added stockings to help Santa when he visits. I guess I need to research how he gets into houses when there isn't a chimney because I haven't lived in a house that didn't have one before.

I probably should have started with the outside because if you come to our house, at night, you will see the wonderful Christmas lights that my husband and I put up on Saturday. I have to say for someone who doesn't like Christmas lights my husband is one trooper! He even put a blowup Mickey Mouse AND icicle lights up. He is one great husband for putting up with my Christmas crazy in decorating things.

So you now have had a tour of what is decorated in our house. Its a start to the more decor that will come in future years (don't tell my husband that or I will probably get into trouble) but its perfect for our first Christmas being married. And to all of you I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Ramadan, Festivas, or whatever you might celebrate!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


To finish the rest of the wedding updates its now time for the honeymoon! We left the Monday after the wedding and had 8 days in Cancun, Mexico. We loved every minute of sleeping in, eating whatever you wanted, laying by the beach, and drinking whatever you wanted. We did encounter our first hurricane and it wasn't too bad but it is a little freaky watching the staff cover the windows of the resort. Because of the hurricane we didn't get to dive other than one day and it was a so-so dive because the water was still rough from the hurricane. Enjoy some of our pictures from the trip!

The AMAZING hamburgers that are cooked 11-2am.

The start of the hurricane.
 Swimming between one of the breaks in the bands of the hurricane when it was moving in.

 The beach (well, not our beach but one of the beaches we visited). 

 Our pool!

Scott & I one night hangout by the DJ.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Trip

This past weekend Scott & I drove out to Vernal with my parents to go and pick up my Grandma from my Aunt's home. She spent the week there watching the boys while my Aunt and Uncle went to California for a trip. This was the first time I had been out there in 3 years. The last time I had been out there they were just finishing pouring the foundation of their beautiful new house.

We went out there Friday night and enjoyed a nice dinner and watched a Christmas movie. Saturday Scott, Dad and my cousin went pheasant hunting, my Uncle and another cousin went and picked up a snowmobile, the 3rd cousin went snowmobiling, and the girls had a relaxing day. We talked for a while, watched another Christmas movie, went and had Mexican food for lunch, and then rode horses.

It was such a nice weekend relaxing and spending time with one of my favorite aunts!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Well I'm only a week late but HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I had a busy weekend so I'm sorry about not writing before now but life happens...

Thanksgiving has never been a huge holiday with my family. Growing up we went down to St. George and celebrated it with the Pannier family. Once Grandma and Grandpa stopped going down there we started to venture to Vegas and just stay at home. Since college it has become more of a meaningful weekend than I remember it being.

This year Scott & I celebrated by waking up late (or at least I did), putting up our shelving on one wall, going to the Hortin family dinner, stopping by my parents and Grandma's, and then having a game night with Scott's family before coming home early (Scott actually had to work on Friday, dumb I know).  It was a great day with a lot of thanks being given with the Hortin Family especially thankful to have Scott's cousin home from his mission in Africa (got home at midnight on Wednesday).

So a little belated but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!