Sunday, August 16, 2015

7 Months (update at 7.5months)

Well this dude was 7 months in this picture and is now 7.5months (I'm sorry, the summer is still busy). At 7 months this little guy was (mostly) sitting up on his own and kind of army crawled across the house. He would talk a little bit and he started to have a little tooth peak out.

Now at 7.5 months he is crawling pretty well (he prefers to army crawl as he can drag his legs behind him) and is pretty quick at it. He loves his kiddy pool and baths (I can't wait to get him to an actual pool).  Now he sits-up AND pulls up on things to stand. Scott and I think he is going to skip the crawling and go straight to walking. NOT Cool. Last week we had to change his crib to the lower level as someone likes to pull up and stand in his crib. Good thing we love him even with his shenanigans.
First place we go towards when crawling.

Learning how to pull up.

I love to 'help' mom with the laundry.

I'm trying a sippy cup but its really more of a chew toy.

Brian Gets Married

Back in July Scotts brother Brian got married. It was a weekend full of travel and Aaron seeing Star Valley and really exploring Rexburg, ID. While the adults went to the temple we took Jack and Aaron to Bear World and had a great time seeing all the animals. Here are some photos of the weekend.
The Little Man all dressed up.
Cutting the Cake

Jack and Scott on the rides.

My 'wild' Bear.

Just Married.

Family photo- not the best but it works.