Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 2012

Well this year has flown by and I am sorry for not updating more frequently. The past 3 weekends Scott and I have gone skiing one day. So the other day is spent doing all of the weekend "to do's" in one day.

Last Saturday Scott and I rented a condo in Park City for a "stay-cation" through our timeshare. We went up last Saturday and stayed through Monday, came down to Salt Lake through the week, and then went back up up for a final night on Friday.  The cool thing about having our condo last week is Sundance started Thursday! So Friday night we went to dinner and wandered Main Street. It was wonderful people watching and seeing what people were wearing in a snow storm. It was crazy to see  how long the club lines were AND people were actually waiting in to get in!  Below are some photos from the walk:

 At the bottom of Main Street looking up--it was crazy for the number of people actually driving on the road when they shouldn't have been.

 We visited Slamdance HQ (sorry it's blurry). 

The next morning Scott and I went skiing; in the first major snow storm for Park City this season. We had an okay time but it wasn't very warm; so we only did a couple runs and then went to lunch in the junction. Scott looks happy below but in all actuality he was frozen (you should have seen the snowballs in his beard!).

I am going to be in Colorado for some Kappa chapter visits so you won't get an update for a couple weeks. Stay warm and let it snow!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years 2011

For the New Years 2011 weekend my family all went down to St. George (minus Will). We spent Friday hiking at Zion National Park. It was a completely different feel to it than in the summer but it was a good time. Because of snow and ice most of the hikes that we wanted to do was closed so we were able to do 3 smaller ones to show Bill & Nicci the canyon. Some photos of the adventure are below.
Dad's new walking stick.

 Scott at the Emerald Pools.

 Looking across the valley walking back from the Lower Emerald Pool. 

 Deer on our walk to the Weeping Rock. 

 Scott & I at the Weeping Rock.

The Weeping Rock. 

Group photo--silly one (can you tell that Nicci & Bill were embarrassed to be by us?) ;) . 

 Nicci & Bill on the tree.

Mom & Dad at the tree (after dad was trying to give Mom CPR). *Note: this was not the only photo I have of mom smiling* 

Part of a pond along the Narrows walkway. 

After Zion's we went to Mesquite, NV and gambled into the night (we got home at 2:30am). After a few hours there Dad came out on top with the big winnings and the rest of us were either even or down a little. New Years Eve we slept in and lounged all day. That night the kids made dinner, taco bar, and we were able to bring the year in style.
 Captain being a lazy boy.

 Mom working on the impossible candy cane puzzle. We were able to get the boarder done but forget the middle.
 The kids making dinner. 

 Champagne and party poppers.

 The streamer part of the Years Celebration...

 Nicci, Bill, & Olie after New Years!

Today we were able to sleep in and then go shooting. We had a nice range of guns to have fun with and Captain even got to go along. I don't want to know how many rounds were shot but there was quite a few when we picked up the shell casings!
 The guns for the day. 

Scott shooting.
Captain giving Scott a kiss (hence the wonderful face by Scott).

We came home from St. George today to have a nice day to do whatever. So we think we are going to go up and ski for part of the day and then come home and clean up Christmas. :) Happy New Year!!

Christmas Time

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great week filled with family parties. We did the Peterson Christmas party on Tuesday where we had some good laughs. I hosted the Girls Group at my place on Wednesday (thank you to my wonderful husband for making the chili!). Thursday we recovered from the two parties. Friday we went to dinner with my parents and sister since she got into town on Thursday. Saturday we had breakfast with the Hortin's and then dinner and presents with my family. We had a total of 5 dogs there that night and it was quite crazy BUT everyone had the festive feeling by wearing their bows.

After dinner we went home and opened our Christmas gifts and let Captain have his porcupine toy. Scott & I were putting our new soda maker away and realized that he had proceeded to tear apart his gift in under 10 minutes. I was able to catch the last part of the destroying process...

This is the aftermath via photo...
Christmas day we got up and went to the Hortins for family gifts, attended the Pannier Family Party and then back to my family where Scott & I did our stockings. As usual, we had an amazing Christmas where Scott & I are so lucky to have a loving family. We walked away with a haul of gifts including a cruse to Alaska over the 4th of July, a Camp Chef and handmade container, soda maker, and new skis! We are one spoiled family.