Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night Scott & I took a night off of working on the kitchen and went to a movie showing of deeper. Now I am not normally a person that goes to the movie premiers and I have really only gone to any sports video premiers with Scott. I have had mixed feelings about snowboarders because I am a skiing type of girl and the boarders that I have had contact with tend to run you right over (including my little brother).  But after watching this movie I am awestruck by what Jeremy Jones has done with his snowboarding skills. Seeing him climb mountains that have never been climbed before (or at least no snowboarders) and seeing them ski down them is CRAZY. There will be two more showings in Utah, one at Weber State in October and the other at Alta in December, and I STRONGLY recommend people to go and see it. You will be awestruck with what these gentleman went through and the amazing time that they had over 2 years.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


About 20 days ago Scott (and I) started to renovate the kitchen. The pictures above is how the two rooms looked before we started. The one below was what the house looked like on Sunday evening. Its crazy for how far it has come but man, its been a process!
I have to say that the progress has been faster than I expected but I really wish that it would be done by now. The good thing is some of the pipe moving happened yesterday as well as some of the electrical has been done. What to do now? Well finish the pipe moving, electrical, putting the cabinets in place, and getting the counters done. I think we are about half way there! Hooray! Below you will find pictures of the various stages of the renovation...

The start of demo on the wall; 

the wall with the support beam in; 

Scott taking out the cabinets; 

The empty kitchen; 

The kitchen cabinets in the truck;

The drywall in place; 

The paint colors--on the wall(!);

And the flooring done!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wedding Update #3

Well, it was only a matter of time before I made it to this date--25 days until the wedding. I had a mini freak out that I'm forgetting to do something last week but after my talk with the parents on Sunday I think we are doing great. The ceremony/dinner reservations are coming in (if you are invited they are due on the 15th!), the final vendor meetings are set, and the 'plan for the day' will be officially set next week. It will be a great time and I hope that it goes off without a glitch.

With 25 days left what to do now? This is the list:

~Table Seating
~Table Place Cards
~Call those who have not RSVP'd for the ceremony/dinner
~Finalize the food
~Finalize the schedule for the day
~Pick my bridal picture
~Put together the wedding favors
~ Wrap wedding gifts to parents/wedding party.

It is getting shorter and shorter so that is promising, right??

The guys are going for their tux fitting tomorrow so that is one more thing done. This weekend I  have 2 showers and one more on Monday so it'll be another busy weekend but that is life! I am so excited for the wedding--it just needs to get here now!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time Flys when you are having fun!

Wow! Well the first thing to say is where did the past 2 weeks go??

I have been very busy the past few weeks (as previously mentioned in the last post). The first week was filled with Kappa and recruitment. I love recruitment but the time that advisers/alumnae put in that week is crazy. I was at the Kappa house until 2am on Monday, 11:30 on Tuesday, and 10:30 on Wednesday. Thursday I took the day off of work to try and avoid the cold I felt coming on and then went to bid day (and a Utah football game). Bid Day was great and the girls hard work paid off in having 34 new members join the Fraternity! They made quota (the max number of people all groups can take) +2 (yes, you can get additional people so not as many girls don't get into a house). It was a great feeling to leave the chapter after a great group of new members.

The holiday weekend was spent working on the renovation at Scott's place.  I'll do an update on the whole process later and will post pictures of the progress hopefully tomorrow. Last Tuesday I had my Bridal pictures taken. I got to wear my dress (I have apparently lost weight in the past 2 weeks because it was falling down), hair all done, and feel like a princess for about an hour. The photographer puts a few pictures of her sessions and the ones she posted on her blog are great--I can't wait to see the rest on Tuesday.

Well I thought that I would do a quick update. I'm off to bed and I'll do a wedding & house post shortly!