Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Hortin's!

It has been a good weekend for the Hortin House. I have decorated the house and made it ready for all of the tick-or-treater's that we will hopefully be getting tonight.  Since you are probably not around to drop by:

Last night we came home from celebrating Scott's mom's birthday and carved pumpkins and ate caramel apples. It was a great night

Today at work all of us dressed up. Amy, Amanda and I were Smurfs and Janice was a black widow spider.  We did a potluck for lunch and had a great time 'lunching' with everyone.

I hope your Halloween was as Spooktacular as ours has been!


Last week Scott decided that his old truck wasn't going to last through the winter* so he wanted to go looking for a new car. Wednesday night we spent the night looking at cars and he went home to think about what car he wanted to get. On Thursday we purchased the beauty below, a 2011 Chevy Colorado. He is one happy camper and so am I (I will be warm in the car now!). It fits him perfectly and so far he loves it! The unfortunate part is we now have a car payment; oh the price you pay for heat. ;)

*Winter has not hit Utah but it did get cooler last week.

Home Updates

Since Scott moved into the house he has painted or done major changes to each area. I thought that it might be fun to show everyone what he has done from the photos that he took when he was looking at properties. Enjoy!

This is the front of the house when he was looking:

This is the front of the house now:

This is the main room when you enter into the house:

This is the room now:

These photos are of the kitchen when he was looking:

These are the kitchen now:

This was the bathroom when he was looking:

This is the bathroom now:

This was the main basement room when he was looking:

This is how the basement looks now:

This is the back yard when he was looking:

This is what it looks like now:

So my husband is an amazing painter and craftsman. :) For now we are done with renovations (thank goodness) but we will be starting back up in the spring with the yard. It will be a nice couple of months not having anything to do; well nothing to do on the house at least...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Craft Night

This past week the Hortin women had a craft night. We got together after work and created a fun Halloween wreath for the front door or front table depending on your decor/front door status. It was a great time making a mess, forgetting about having glue on the back of your wreath (yes I did this), and chatting about everything. As Robyn pointed out even though we had the same things to work from we all had different wreaths. Next month is Christmas so if you have any ideas for what to do let me know!

 Jayne and her wreath.

 Christine and her wreath. She still wanted to work on it but had to think 
about what she wanted to do for a bit.

 My wreath. :)

Robyn and her wreath.

Winter Can Come

On Friday night Scott, Brian, and I went to the snowmobile show. We saw all of the new sleds and fun (?) ideas that are coming out. It is crazy for how expensive everything related to snowmobiling is but it was interesting learning more about the sport.

During the event Scott was able to get a new helmet and goggles. So he is ready to go for the season!

 (P.S. I learned from this outing that I have a very large head because I get Scott's old helmet/goggles...)

KKG Founders Day

On October 13, 1870 six young women walked into the Monmouth College's Chapel wearing a golden key in their hair to cheers of the fraternity men. These women started Kappa Kappa Gamma to "have something new" because the world seemed to be moving too slowly for them. They started the Fraternity to assist the women on campus for literary work and social development.

Since that day in 1870 there have been 241,227 women initiated into the Fraternity, 137 chapters, and 309 Alumnae Associations. Who would have thought that 141 years later this organization that the 6 women started would have such a strong presence in the world.

I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Founders Day with both of the alumnae associations that I belong to. On Saturday, October 15th I went to the Grand America Hotel and had high tea with the Wasatch Mountains Alumnae Society. We had a great time catching up, meeting new people and celebrating the founding of our Fraterity. Below is a photo of the 7 of us in attendance:

On Saturday, October 22 I was able to celebrate Founders Day with the Salt Lake Alumnae Association and the Delta Eta Chapter. We had 160 women in attendance (99 chapter members!) and enjoyed lunch at the Salt Lake Country Club. This program included celebrating 12 (I think) members membership milestones (25, 50, and 65 years), chapter awards, and alumnae awards. I unfortunately didn't get any photos at this event but I enjoyed every minute seeing Kappas of all ages celebrating the Fraternity's 141st Birthday!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Migraines are a pain in the ass. Well not a literal pain in the ass but more a pain in the head (it doesn't sound as good but we'll go with it). I am one of the 30 million unfortunate victims of migraines in the U.S.. 

Today was a bad day on the migraine front in that I had to leave work and go home and sleep. It came on quick and got bad enough that I thought that I was going to get sick (these rarely occur for me but when they do it is bad).  I'm not sure what brought it on, like most people, but when they hit I can typically stop them by taking Excedrin or eating. I think the thing that drives me crazy with these is you don't really know what triggers them. Normally mine are triggered when I am very stressed. However, right now my stress level is low with work being slow (*knock on wood*) and caught up with Kappa.

If only we could find a solution to the migraines and how to knock them off before they really affect someone. So until the day that we can figure out what triggers them I will be crossing my fingers that when I get a migraine it isn't like today's where I get to the point of worthless person and it goes away fast.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall is in Session

Growing up I hated fall.

It is a bold statement, I know, but the reason why I felt this was was:
  • End of summer
  • School
  • Colder weather
  • Winter is just around the corner
As a "grown up" (I use this term loosely because I don't like to think that I really am) I have grown to truly love the season. Just a few reasons why are: 
  • Cooler days
  • Colors are vibrant
  • Football
  • Anniversary
  • Scott's Birthday
  • Winter is near
  • Hunting
  • Snuggling & Hot Chocolate (with some Baily's ;) )
And the list can go on and on. This fall has been like most of my other fall seasons, busy. I have:

 Gone to my last farmers market and eaten the last of the fresh fall veggies and the last of the beautiful bouquets of flowers that last for 2+ weeks.

We have attended 3 football games and UNight. Mom, Dad & I went for the first inaugural night of UNight. It was a great time and I was able to see the Kappa chapter do their Songfest routine since they took 1st place this year.

I spent the morning of October 1st in the duck blind with dad hunting. This was a photo of the sunrise that morning; it was a beautiful day and much warmer temperatures than usually occur on opening weekend. In addition to the weather it was a great opener because I actually shot my limit and it didn't take me ALL day to get it. :)

Girls nights: While Scott and his brother/dad were deer hunting the girls got together and had dinner at Gardner Village and spent some time with the witches (the area puts a lot of witches decorated throughout the area, go see it if you have a chance!). It was a great night and I can't wait for the next!

Scott had his 30th Birthday! He celebrated it by being in charge of tailgating food (probably not the best idea for the B-day boy but he enjoyed it, I think), watching the Utes play football (or at least watch them kind of play football), and having people over for the UFC fights. All in all it was a great day!

The final big event was that we celebrated our 1st Anniversary! Somehow we have made it one year of not killing each other. ;) Thank you to my sweet husband for putting up with my mood swings, cleaning obsessions (and lack there of), crappy cooking, and everything else I do that annoys you. I love you and I can't wait for the next year that awaits us.