Sunday, October 20, 2013

Moab Fall 2013

Scott and I decided to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary a week late by going down to Moab for a long weekend. We left Wednesday after work and came home today. It was a great time taking the Razr on the slickrock trails and really testing it out on the rocks.
Panoramic view at "Top of the World" ride

La Boca Arch

View from La Bocha Arch

The only picture we got of both of us since that was the only time we had people around us when we stopped.

View from inside of the caves.

Cool water troft that was at the caves.

Old mining homes.

Another view from "Top of the World"

View at the outlook from "Chicken Corners"

Scott & Blue, the Razr.

We stopped at Catacomb Rock and it has some cool views under it.

Picture frame arch (we wanted a photo in the frame but no one was around.
Looking down into the valley on "Hells Revenge"

Happy Birthday to Scott and here is to 3 wonderful years together!

Wedding Celebration

In addition to all of the other things we did in September we had a lot of fun when the family traveled to Minneapolis, MN for Nicci's wedding. It was a fun filled weekend where we got our nails done, visited burger joints, ran a race and just had a great weekend.
Choosing her nail color.

Will & Liz at rehearsal dinner.

Liz and Dad ready for the race.

My 'merica man

Love Gram and Mom for the race.

One of the favorite Aunts in her Matron of Honor dress.

Ready.... GO!

Cheers to Gram!

Nicci & Gini

Nicci giving dad a gift.

The travel group.

All of the ladies.

Dad giving his speech.

Dad & I during the reception.

Beautiful Bride!

Guest Book

Um, this really did happen....

Bride & Groom dancing the night away.

Scott happy about the outcome of the Utah Football game.
Scott & I

1st Birthday Party

It's crazy to think that little Jack came into the Hortin family one year ago (well, now we are 13 mo but who's counting). We had a great party where both sides of his family gathered together and had a good night watching him open his gifts and get into his cake. Happy Birthday Jack!
He wasn't too sure of the cake but got into it after we left.

Labor Day 2013

This year for Labor Day the whole Pannier clan went to the Barn for the weekend. It was a great time playing and relaxing doing the things that you can do in Island Park. Below are some pictures of the weekend:
Getting Dirty on a RZR ride to lunch.

Mom & Dad after lunch.

Scott & I after we returned home from lunch.

Liz knee boarding, and showing off

Scott showing off... (Will & I couldn't get up)

Scott & Dad went fishing so the rest of us went horseback riding.

Old Traditions

Yep, I'm keeping the old traditions of going long times between positing on here. Sorry about the latest 2 month hiatus. Needless to say its continued to be busy in the Hortin household. Just after the weekend at the Barn with the Hortin family Kappa started up and I  helped with Utah's recruitment. Below is a photo of the dinning room on Pref-Night.

Scott and I sold our Utah season tickets to some family friends so we could go on the trip to Hawaii. The good news is we have been able to go to 2 games so far with at least one more in November. :)

Since the end of August Captain has been sharing the house with Will and his puppy Aspin. Captain isn't too thrilled she is around and she is usually loving it, minus when her parents are gone.

Scott and I took off the old plywood, sanded, painted, and ran new electrical wires. Scott and I ran out of time to get the new plywood in so his dad and brother were great in helping us get it done. Below is the trailer when it was juts as we took off the plywood.

I helped my cute cousin Callie with her Fairy Festival that she puts on in memory of her daughter that passed away. As usual she outdid herself and it was another magical night held at the Ivory's home.

The Pannier clan went to the State Fair this year. It was a great time seeing all the photos, drawings, and eating fair food. Mom was actually the one that suggested we all get out pictures taken. Who would have guessed?? (Scott is so thrilled to be getting his picture taken)

October has continued in its busy time but it has been good seeing family. Robyn, Jayne and I had a good girls night in September while the guys were hunting. We had so much fun we wore Jack out!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Yellowstone with the Hortin's

Two weeks ago the Hortin family, minus the Coles who moved to Ohio a month ago, went up to the Barn for the weekend. We had a great time visiting Yellowstone with everyone and just enjoyed the time relaxing between crazy weeks of work. Below are some photos of the weekend.

Jack walking on the Old Faithful boardwalk.
Our view of Old Faithful.

We saw these guys on our way in AND out.
Captain enjoying the boat.
Scott fishing on boat attempt #1.

This video is of Captain wanting to get the ducks that were in the lake. Needless to say we are going to be purchasing a life jacket for him so he can swim safely!