Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June in a full cicle

We started June with a home renovation and we ended it in full circle with a home renovation. The past weekend we built our shade structure for our new patio. I saw a photo on Pinterest and took it and adapted it to our back yard. The kicker about doing it the past weekend is it was 104 both days- stupid. In the end it is great but we are still working on the pulling in/out options so if you have any ideas let us know!
One of 3 holes dug (only needed 2-ug)
Setting of the posts.
Sewing the panels, end of day 1 projects.
Finished project- pulled in.

Finished project- pulled out.

Kappa Travel

My last travel in June was to go to Columbus, OH for Kappa's Associate Seminar. It was a great weekend remembering things that was told to me 2 years ago when we had the first training. One night we had a social where we were given different props to take photos with in a photo booth. One has to love it when you get together with sisters and can have a great time laughing.

Fishing on Henry's Fork

The 3rd weekend in June Scott and I went up to Island Park to help break in dad's new fishing boat. It was a great weekend fishing and enjoying the time of the "opening weekend" on part of the river.
To save our sanity and the dog barking we opened the window and this happened.
Dad christening the boat with moonshine.
Loving the lava remains.
Dad catching the first fish.
Scott catching the 2nd fish.
S'mores  on the fire pit.
Someone wanted on the couch.
Snuggles on the couch.
We visited the falls on Sunday. Amazing what nature can do!

Bachelorette Party

In June I went down to San Diego to help celebrate Nicci's upcoming big day! There was a total of 6 of us and we celebrated the weekend in style. It was great getting to know the other people who will be celebrating in September!
My Bloody Mary that was a meal in itself.
The Bride!
The weekend group.
Dancing the night away #1
Sisterly love!
Dinner and drinks.

Sexy pic.
Night #2, dancing break.
Dancing ladies.
We danced so hard the shoes came off, and then went back on when we were yelled at.
Hooray for sharing the veil.