Sunday, April 21, 2013

Christine Baby Shower

My cute sister-in-law Christine is pregnant and the Hortin family threw her a shower this weekend. It was a great time seeing cousins and family that we rarely get to see. It's always a party when the Hortin's get together!! Now my goal is for little baby to be born on my birthday- he only has to stay an extra 5 days in his mom's tummy. ;)
The cute trike that Robyn made

The fun pile of gifts for the baby.

Mom & Dad while opening gifts.

The couple with both mothers.

Jayne and Jack- the cutest nephew I have!

Backyard Progress

I would like to say the lack of updates is because we have been out gallivanting around the world but we have just been at home working. For two weeks there both Scott & I were working 60+ hours. The good thing is we have semi-slowed down and work on the backyard has started up again.

If you remember last fall we took out all of the bushes and trees so we can do some updates this spring. We finally got our plan together and we have started doing the concrete pads this week. Some photos of the process are below. I'll post some before and after photos once they have it all done.  I hope to post more now that my weekends are becoming filled with more fun items than work!

Making the form for the patio section of the yard.