Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drum Roll Please....

... we are DONE with the basement! The past 6+ months we have been working on our basement. After a few weeks of me being done with construction and working on the basement this past weekend we got everything done. I have to say it looks awesome and I can't wait until I use the space more! I had grand plans for creating a post with the before and after photos but Scott only took one photo of the basement when he was looking at the house 3 years ago. And as usual I didn't think of taking one until after we had started. So you get one view of the basement before we started working on it. So the "Before" photo is:

And a tour of completed space is below. You just came down the stairs and this is what you see:
If you walk through the room and go to the other side of the space it looks like:
When you turn to your right you will see the (awesome) shelving that my husband designed/built:
If you walk back to the entrance and take a left down the hall you will enter into the bedroom. As you first enter into the room it looks like:
If you then walk into the room and look left/behind you you will see:
And finally when you walk the rest of the way into the room it will look like:
I have big plans to take photos of the different spaces that Scott does have photos for and photos of the space with "stuff" in it. Those will come at a later date (or at least after Saturday).  In the mean time, I have a lot of free time now so  if you want to hangout feel free to call... ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


... the word that my life can be summed up with.

Kappa is crazy with recruitment just getting done with 2 chapters and my final one is done on Wednesday. Work is hopefully slowing down (crossing my fingers) and the basement construction is coming along nicely.

We are just about done with the basement we put the doors up today and finished the casing of the doors and the base in all the rooms done. We now get to paint everything, put the door knobs in, put the closet door in, and finish the shelves. Like I said last time I'm not posting photos until it's done so you get to be put in the dark a little bit longer (don't worry, I love it). :) 

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nearing the end!

Its exciting to finally say that we are nearing the end of construction!

I can't tell you how exciting it is to tell you. This past weekend we finished putting the dry bar in and cut/painted all of the molding for the rooms and doors. Last night we finished the bar area by putting up the bar counter for the space. Below is a photo of the done space:

I won't be updating until we are done putting in the furniture/decorating so I'd plan on it being a couple weeks. :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Construction Week #23

As you can tell from the previous updates the past week has been very productive for the Hortin house in getting the basement moving along. Since the last update we have assembled one cupboard, put it into place, put the mini fridge into place, wine cooler into place, end piece put up and the new light fixture working.

 Overall it was a good weekend, but exhausting as Captain is demonstrating by sleeping on the rug. :)

Labor Day 2011

This morning Scott & I got up early and went shooting with his brothers and dad. The guys are going on the muzzleloader hunt in a few weeks so they needed to get everything ready.

We took  Captain with us and he had a great time running around and smelling everything out there. He was good until the muzzleloader guns started and he climbed into the car and stayed there the rest of the time there.

Overall the morning was a little chilly but once the sun came out the rest of the morning was pleasant and enjoyable. We shot at golf balls, clay targets, regular targets, cans, and plastic bottles. It was a good time relaxing in the morning.

 The range.

 Man and his best friend. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today Scott & I visited IKEA. I think last August, and today, we have helped keep them in business since they came to Salt Lake. We walked into the store planning on getting the bar storage cabinets but we walked out with the bar storage, rug, and a light fixture. Its not that we weren't looking for any of the above but I wasn't planning on getting at least the rug today. The good thing is the rug looks good in the living room and slowly we are getting the house taken over by IKEA items. For now, I am enjoying the new rug. Stop by sometime and see it in person.  :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lucky 13

Tonight Scott & I had to get out of the house because of the fumes coming from the slate sealer. We decided to go to dinner at Lucky 13 that is on 1300 South and just west of Main St. We have been driving by for months and have been interested in going to the bar/restaurant. They were voted by City Weekly the Best "Man vs. Food Challenge" (I would agree from the way the challenge read) and they make their own bacon daily.

I got my usual, blue cheese burger, and Scott got the Celestial burger. We definitely enjoyed the meal (Scott had his BBQ all over his face, you can kind of see it below) and will be back for more. I strongly recommend that you go and try them out!

Tiling DONE!

This week was a busy week when it came to tiling the basement. Scott & I started putting the slate down on Sunday (see previous construction entry) and we finished putting it down on Wednesday. Tuesday night it was exciting because we ended up blocking ourselves into the bedroom (on purpose) so the tile lines would work out.

We obviously took a break on Thursday and last night Brian came over and helped us grout the room. After 4+ hours of dealing with that we finished the room!

Today Scott & I cleaned the tiles 3 times and then sealed them.

I was a little worried about sealing the tiles, my parents put slate in and it looks good not sealed, but I am happy with how the colors are popping! It is now an official completed basement but we are now going to be doing the little details. Tomorrow we are going to IKEA to get the dry bar cabinets and lighting. We will be making the baseboards, window seals, and hanging the doors over the next week. The goal to have everything done and in is by the time Scott leaves for the deer hunt on September 28th.

I'm crossing my fingers that we are done with this work in 26 days...

Opening of Football and Delta Eta Recruitment 2011

On Thursday it was a busy day with football and Kappa both going on. The first thing was it was Bid Day at the University of Utah. The Delta Eta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma handed out 46 bids! It was the largest bid class over the last 15 years (at least). I went over to the house and actually watched the women do Pat on Walcott, just outside the house:

It was crazy watching about 100 women do the song, even with the new girls not knowing what was going on.  After introductions and meeting my 2nd cousin who went Kappa (congrats Katie!) I went over an tailgated for the football game.

The season opener of the football game was against Montana State University. It was a perfect night for football (see the beautiful sunset below) with Utah winning, though it will be a long season if we continue to play like they did.

The exciting thing about the game was being able to see the Kappas in their florescent hats from where I was seated. (The photo isn't the best but they are on the far side of the stadium, toward the top in the yellow hats)



My final part of my birthday occurred 2 weeks ago when Scott & I went to Sugarland when the came to USANA. It was a great concert and I was exposed to more of Sara Bareilles and I want to get her music! The concert was a week after the accident at the Indiana State Fair so they didn't have a stage. Many people go for the concert just for that but I have to say it was quite nice just enjoying the music and spending the night with my husband. Thank you Scott for 3 months of Birthday!

I'm an AUNT!

The cute picture above is of my nephew Oliver! (Did you think I was an aunt to a human? Come on people, what are you thinking??).  Isn't he cute?? He is my sister's puppy who joined her living in Minneapolis in August. He is one spoiled pup and I am not the one that is spoiling him! Don't worry- I'll be spoiling him soon. :) I can't wait to meet him in December...