Thursday, April 30, 2015

Moving Grammie

After 30 years of living in her condo Grammie decided that she was going to move into a smaller and a more accessible condo. Back in March we were able to move her into her new place. It was a crazy but fun day moving her in. There was  3 trucks, 7 cars, 4 trailers, 16 people (including Aaron), and 2 dogs to help move her into into her new place. I can't wait for the memories to be created in her new place!
We couldn't squeeze all the cars/trucks/trailers into the parking lot.

Another viewpoint of the loading area.

Growing Older

This cutie is now 4 months old!! He is growing up so fast and is becoming a funny little boy. He is in the 20% for weight, 50% for height, and 60% for his head size. So we have a slightly large head, average height and a skinny kid. You wouldn't guess that he is low in weight because he has started to get the baby fat rolls and the 'kankles'. Some things about him are:

  • He started rolling;
  • Giggles, smiles,  and talks up a storm;
  • Loves to move: he stands up, when on his tummy he will turn around 180 degrees, and on his back he will rotate 380 degrees;
  • He drools like a crazy kid and makes his mom think we will have teeth soon
  • He recognizes family and friends
::Cheers:: to another month of changes!!

Girls Weekend

The Wednesday following Moab I had a college friend, Karina, stop in Salt Lake for a quick visit. She is doing a 3 month tour of the western US where she is traveling by public transportation (think Amtrack, Greyhound, public buses, etc) for the entire trip.  If you want to read more about her adventures you can visit her blog. She is a wonderful writer and actually deals with fibromyalgia so you can see how she deals with traveling with a chronic illness, truly aspiring!

Anyway, Karina came into town on the snowiest day of the year so we stayed home that afternoon. Thursday I had to work in the morning so she was able to wander downtown and see the sights. That afternoon we went out to Antelope Island. Now, I have lived in Salt Lake for 32 years and I have NEVER been there. It was great to see the different animals and the view from the island is amazing.  I will definitely be taking Aaron out there when he gets older and can remember visiting. My phone was dieing so I only was able to get photos at the 'beach' but I recommend to visit if you can.

The islands beach, Karina out in the open.

Seeing this you would think that we are on the coast.

Aaron being covered but at the 'beach'.
 Friday we went and visited the Utah Natual History Museum. I hadn't been to the new location but it was AMAZING. I am excited to continue to take Aaron up there to see all the fun dinosaurs and learn about the history of Utah.  That afternoon Karina and I road triped down to an area outside of St. George where Megan, another friend from school, was driving up to meet us for a girls weekend. It was a great drive down with Aaron only fussy for about 10 minutes (fighting a nap) and my my car hit 80,000 miles!

Some of the amazing fossils that are at the Museum
A break in the driving to feed Aaron and to get some ice cream.
80,000 miles!

 Saturday we hung out at the rental where we relived Kappa memories and talked about school and our lives now. We did a 2 hour walk through the town seeing all the fun farms and vacation homes.  We talked well into the night about things that we miss, that we regret doing or didn't do, funny stories, and how Kappa has influenced us. It was just a great day overall. Sunday we got up and went to Zion National Park. We did a short hike to the Emerald Pools before we parted ways.

The Valley where we stayed for the weekend.
Karina and Aaron before we took the bus to the Emerald Pools.
Group photo! Aaron's head here 👆
 Overall it was a wonderful weekend where we were able to have a great time catching up with old friends.

My wonderful travel companion for the weekend.

Go visit Moab

The weekend following Easter Scott and I went to Moab with my parents for a weekend of riding the Rzr. Scott's parents were great and watched Aaron so we didn't have to leave someone behind while we were riding (we aren't going to let him ride until he is at least 1).

We have loved going down there since our first visit 3 years ago. In all reality we bought our Rzr because that first visit and using my dad's Rzr. It was a wonderful weekend that wasn't super busy and we were able to do some rides that we hadn't done before. I can't wait until we get to go down again. 
Looking onto the highway on the Golden Spike trail

They were getting all the dust

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from our house to yours.

3 months and on the move

This kid hit 3 months last Sunday. We love his little personality and how he is growing. Some higlights that he is doing this month:
  • is a wiggle worm (as seen above)
  • loves to stand up and jump
  • is bum schooching across the floor
  • still sleeps 6 hours through the night
  • started to hold and pick up items
We are completely smitten and he still has us wrapped around his little finger.