Sunday, November 15, 2015

Busy Couple of Weeks

The last two weeks have been busy but good. Two Thursdays ago Scott and I took the day off so we could get phase 1 of the side yard done. We rented a tractor and dump trailer to take away the crappy dirt and then put in some bark, a total of 3 trips to the dump. We started at 8:30am when we dropped Aaron off at day care and worked until 5:45pm when I got him. It was a long day but it's good to have the major part of the project done.
Old Red for the win!

Just about done

Aaron has grown up and is starting to be Mr. Independent. He prefers non-liquefied foods and wants to feed himself It definitely has him proud but makes everything a bit.... messy.

He has also found the toilet and wants to help Dad with everything.
Ducky likes to swim in the toilet.

Helping dad install the new blinds.
I want to go outside and help dad.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Aaron hit's 10 months

Hamming up this photo
 It's truly amazing that Scott and I have kept a human, other than ourselves, alive for 10 months. It has been a roller coaster but so much fun.

Aaron is developing the funniest personality and keeps us on our toes. He loves to stand up and walk along the couch, loves to read his books, play/climb on the dog, eat *real* food, drinking from mom's cups, play in the toilet, and the latest two new developments includes walking alone with his push toy and opening drawers. Its only a matter of days, if that, before he starts to walk on his own (scary).

Playing in our new car seat box

One of the many time caught in the bathroom

Taking Trax home after football tailgating.

Drinking (?) mom's water.

My two monkeys (so sad he never was able to wear the monkey hat!)

After a typical dinner, covered in food.

Walking with Elephant.

Garth Brooks World Tour 2015

I crossed an item off of my Bucket List this weekend by going to the Garth Brooks World Tour with Scott.

We were the farthest point from Garth but it doesn't matter. It was quite enjoyable even if he was an aunt. :) It was a great night listening and singing along to his great songs. He is a true entertainer and it was a great to see him in his element. Some fun excitement of the night: also seeing Trisha and the unveiling of the banner stating that he sold the most tickets for an event at the arena. I can't wait to see him again.

Halloween 2015

We had a great Halloween in the Hortin House. As usual, we ran all over the city and had a great time doing it.

Friday Scott brought Aaron to my office for my pot-luck lunch. We hungout and saw a few friends and then went to Scott's work for his party. Needless to say Aaron was tired!
My office group photo
Hanging out with Uncle Will
Saturday we had a calm morning but then went to the Utah Football tailgate where we saw Grand & Grandpa Pannier and other friends. Scott went to the game so Aaron and I went across the valley and  went to Grandma & Grandpa Hortin's Trunk-or-Treat.  After that we went home and passed out candy to a handful of kids.

Needless to say, Aaron had a good time and was exhausted because he only had a small cat nap both days.
Trying to climb the dad tree

Chipmunk on the move

Nap time! (Only for 30m)

Walking up a storm.

Reading our monster book and being a cute chipmunk

5th Anniversiary

Scott and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary, and his 34th Birthday, in Vegas. It was a great getaway albeit shorter than what we both wanted.

We started out on Scott's Birthday flying down and just relaxing. We spent some time at the HardRock hotel where we were in the black playing Blackjack.

The next morning Scott got sick but he still went and played golf. I got a massage and relaxed at the pool. Scott spent some time with me at the pool but went upstairs and slept all afternoon. That night we had plans to go to dinner and to Zumanity. I ate a great dinner, Scott mostly watched me eat as he still wasn't feeling great. We both really enjoyed Zumanity- it's crazy what they can do! I can't even think about doing 1/4 of the things they did...
Before Zumanity, he looks like he feels good but he doesn't.
Saturday I woke up sick. Bummer. That day I didn't do much but sleep. The good news is Scott played golf again and then came back to watch some football. I did peel myself out of bed to go to the Bass Pro shop/hotel for an hour. That night Scott watched the football game in the other room and I slept. (Hooray for Embassy Suites having two separate areas!)

Sunday brought a relaxing morning where we were both feeling much better! I went to the pool and then we went and saw Meg at the Hoover Dam. She was gracious enough to spend part of her last Sunday with us, instead of the boys, as she was getting ready to move to New Mexico for a new job with the Parks. It was amazing. Some photos of our tour are below.

From the top looking down.

One of the generators- we are small!

Looking up to the damn. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Looking over the other side. The water is so low.

Monday brought us to the only visit, minus to go to the show, to Las Vegas Boulevard. We walked around Ceasers, the two new hotels (since I've been there) and Bellagio. It's crazy how much the city has changed since I was a kid!

Elvis and Priscilla live in the hotel!

9 Months (one month late)

True to his form, he wouldn't sit still for his photo...
Typical, right? Oh well, you get it now. Better late than never?

Aaron hit the 9 month mark a month ago (haha). He is still active as ever and loved to stand up. He was just starting to pull up with ease and loves to walk along the couch. His stats for the month was 19lb 6oz, 28 1/4" tall. He was still a peanut in weight, barely over the 25%, and was a normal for height, 55%.

We sure do love this little wiggle worm of ours!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vancouver Visit

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Vancouver, Canada for a recruitment visit. It was great to go up there and see part of the city. I had visited the island of Victoria while we were on a cruise and knew that I wanted to go back. This visit cemented that we need to go to Vancouver and then go over to Victoria.

Sunday after the recruitment events I ended up going on a 5 mile, 2 hour, walk/hike to the beach that was adjacent to campus. It was an unexpected adventure and I'm glad that I did it, now.  :)

The walk to/from the grocery store.

One of the awesome trees that you walk under- completely covered with moss.

Walking down to the ocean.

The toes in the sand photo- at least I got them in sand this year. Not quite the place I had thought but it works.

Beautiful sunset. The surf was rough but people were surfing.

Cool photo of the beach with all the lumber used as benches.

Walking along the shoreline trail (aka hike).

Climbing back to civilization.

An awesome spring/stream to the ocean.