Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colorado Kappas

Last week I took a nice 1 hour flight over the Rocky Mountains and visited the Kappa chapter (Beta Mu) at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I spent 4 days with the chapter and their officers in reviewing Kappa policies and helping give them new ideas. I was also able to sit in on some of their recruitment practices and got part of my recruitment fill for the year. The women in the house are motivated and a great group of 200 women!

I was lucky enough to spend some time with them outside of the Kappa house and went with them down to the Colorado Rocky's baseball game. It was a good time getting to know more of the women in the house (not just the officers that I met with) and get to a new baseball stadium that I have never visited. It was a good time, even with the rain. Thank you to the women at Beta Mu for a wonderful week visiting you!

Construction Update for Week #22

Its crazy to think that we have been working on the basement for 22 weeks! (I went back and counted, I haven't been keeping track...) It is FINALLY looking like livable space and I'll show that to you shortly. Two weeks ago we started painting the room. Before I left for Colorado Scott & I spent three days painting the laundry 'room' and hallway from the color of pee-white (yes, it's my technical color name):

 Into a nice white space:

It was nice getting that done before I left. While I was in Colorado, Scott was an amazing husband and painted the bedroom and the living room their respective colors (no specific photos for you since I was gone) it definitely didn't take as long as I had thought it would take us but we definitely moved along that week. This past week Scott & I did the tiling in the bedroom.

 It turned out pretty darn good if you ask me! Yesterday we purchased the slate for the living room and brought home 31 1/2 boxes of slate from the store. You should have seen how low Scott's truck was riding! So we brought in the boxes and stacked them in the utility closet (this is only 1/3 of the boxes).

Today Scott & started laying the tiles. I have to show you a photo of him in action because he will kill me if I don't show everyone (it's really going to be the other way--so don't tell him I have it up!). :) 

We were able to get through 11 boxes of tile today and I think it looks really good.

The goal is to complete the rest of the floor this week and then next weekend we will be taking another trip to IKEA to get the cabinets for the dry bar area. I hope we are nearing the end of the construction--my house is a disaster! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its looking like a room

Well we are finally to the point of the basement looking like a liveable space! Two weeks ago we finished the drywall as you can see below (one of the main room, the other the bedroom):

For the past 2 weeks we have been mudding and sanding the drywall. It is such an exciting job and I really enjoyed looking like Casper the Ghost every night (I typically sanded while Scott muded). My hands were exfoliated along with my face (it wasn't too happy about that and I know it because of my breakouts) but am excited to announce that it is DONE! (yes, I am doing a happy dance). The other exciting thing is we have replaced the old support beam with the tree trunk that was cut down last summer. You can see how it really looks like a room below. 

Captain was very photogenic the night I took these photos but you can see they really look like rooms. The final exciting news is we are painting! We went and bought all the colors, picked the tile out and painted last weekend. Below you can see all of the paint that we purchased and part of the primer.

As a FYI if you are going to be priming anything when a can says that it will cover 400 square feet it will probably only do 150 at most. Yes, we got 2 cans of primer and we visited Lowes 2 more times for a total of 5 cans of primer. The good thing that came out of it is the basement is primed and we have painted the ceiling! It really looks like a room now!!

We hope to be moving along here shortly. We will be a man down for painting this week because I am in Colorado and Scott is the worker for the rest of the week. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Special Dog

Don't get me wrong, I love Captain but sometimes I wonder about him... You would think by this photo he was being a good boy watching TV the other night but you are wrong.  Captain is actually following a fly that was going around the TV. The entertaining part was when he fell off the bed trying to eat it.  I really wish that I had gotten my phone camera/video to work to capture the entertaining scene (in addition to the Swamp People show also on) but I didn't.  Next time I will remember to not use the phone battery almost up at a concert so you can capture a very entertaining moment.  I do have to say that it was one of my "child's" bright moments...

Birthday Gift, Continued

Well Last weekend was the 2nd 1/3 of my birthday gift from Scott (I LOVE having the Birthday being drawn out over the summer!). We went to the Tim McGraw concert at the USANA Amphitheater. This was one of those concerts that you have to be there from the start because The Band Perry opened for him (you might be able to see them in the photo below):

Then we had the great chance to listen to Luke Byran and boy can he put on a great concert!  You should have seen some of his moves that he did when he came back on stage with Tim...

Tim was great and I knew all but 4 songs he sang (2 will be on his new CD). We had great seats and the weather turned out perfect- warm but not too warm (when the sun went down).

I can't wait for the final part of my Birthday in 2 weeks: Sugarland!

P.S. Next time I will remember to bring my actual camera--not my phone camera (can you tell that 1/2 way through the night I realized that you can zoom with it??). :)

A (very) Late Wedding Gift

Well, it was only 4 months but I finally finished Ashley & Eric's wedding gift. We got it framed last month and I think it turned out great! I  enjoyed doing it, even with all the gray, and liked the stress relief that crossstitch gives me.  I have started Christine's but I need to work on it more than I currently do. Hopefully it will only be 4 months late like this one...

Visit to Wyoming

A few weeks ago Scott and I went on a nice drive to Evanston, WY and came back through to Utah on the Mirror Lake Highway. We loved the view and thought it was crazy about how much snow was along the road on July 9th. Enjoy the photos!