Monday, June 25, 2012

69th Kappa Kappa Gamma Convention

I was able to attend Kappa's 69th Biannual Convention this past week in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a great time with over 1,000 Kappas. We gathered and met to elect the 2012-2014 Fraternity Council, have some educational sessions, vote on the next budget, revealed a new Kappa website, AND a new brand: Kappa Kappa Gamma- aspire to be. I also participated in a flash mob:

It was a great weekend and I had a great time meeting new people and enjoying time with others again. I can't wait until the next one I get to go to!

Lori sporting the Kappa hat (I did purchase this)

The view out of my window- the blue bridge

Posing with the Delta Zeta, Colorado College, Ladies.

Zeta Epsilon, Lawrence, women (my big sis is next to me)

Eta Province Chapter women

Gamma Omicron, Wyoming, attendees

My big & I :)

All of Eta Province Attendees

Lauren with the glow sticks

30th Birthday

Well, I am now an old lady and joining my husband by turning 30 last week. It is really a good thing but I get to grasp the new "3" in my age. :) Some things that we did:

~ Birthday Party at the house the Saturday before my birthday. It was a good time and loved how dad got stickers stuck to him (photo above)
~ Dinner with the Hortin's at Spaghetti Factory
~ Dinner with the Pannier's at Red Rock
~ Lunch with the office girls at La Frontera
~ Getting glasses for the first time (another reason for the 30 making me feel old)
~ Seeing my Sister for a few minutes as she came into town for Grandpa's funeral before I left for Kappa's Convention
~ Taking the Red Eye to Atlanta on my way to Convention (a post to come)

All in all it was a good time. Now to celebrate it even more next week on the cruse to Alaska! 4 days!!

Clyde "Bud" Robert Pannier

Rest in peace Grandpa. You will be missed.
January 18, 1930 ~ June 16, 2012

Clyde Robert "Bud" Pannier died on June 16, 2012 surrounded by his family. Bud was preceded in death by his wife of 56 years, Marilyn Peak Pannier and his son in law, Jeff Chytraus. He is survived by his children Christine Chytraus, Rob (Pam), Alan (Dawn) and Julie Balk (Mark); 10 grandchildren: Megan, Christopher, Tiffany, Nicci, Will, Alan, Mikey, Jono, Matt and Peter; his great-grandson, Deacon; his sister, Gladys Anne Butler; and sister in law Margaret Day Nichols.

Bud was raised in Salt Lake City graduating from East High School and the University of Utah where he was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Bud served in the United States Army during the Korean War and was Assistant Finance Officer at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital. He was owner and CEO of Utah Bank Note Company.

Bud was very active in RC Modeling. He was a founding officer of the Ute RC Club, Leader Member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and Coordinator of the Provo-Jordan River model port. He loved to fly his planes and volunteered many hours in setting up contests and working to make sure there was always a place for modelers to fly, whether it was in Salt Lake or St. George. He served on the National Ski Patrol, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Forms Council, Amateur and VHF Radio Clubs and was active with the State of Utah Parks and Recreation Council on projects in Salt Lake and Carbon County.

In addition to flying model airplanes, Bud spent his life teaching his children how to enjoy the outdoors at the cabin in Scofield during the summer and on the ski hills in the winter. He was an avid fisherman, hunter, golfer, skier, and most recently he had become an avid water walker with his friends at TOSH.

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, June 22, 2012 at Evans and Early Mortuary, 574 East 100 South. Friends may call beginning at 9:30a.m. Interment at Mount Olivet Cemetery, next to his wife.

Special thanks to everyone who assisted us with dad's care.

In lieu of flowers, Bud requested memorial gifts be directed to the Bud and Marilyn Pannier Endowed Nursing Scholarship at Westminster College, 1840 South 1300 East, SLC, UT 84105 or on-line at Online condolences may be shared with the family at

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today I was able to go to the Country Club and play a round of golf with my parents and Scott. It was a great activity and I was happy that I was able to join in on the Fathers Day routine. Unfortunately we were so wrapped up on getting through the game without having the next group have to wait for us we didn't take any photos. :( So that is a bummer but the things that I learned today are:

~Don't take of knee brace as you will feel the knee more than expected;
18 holes of golf isn't as long as I thought it would be (I have only played 9 at a time);
~I lift my head when swinging- it makes it difficult to get the ball down the fairway;
~If I don't rush it and take a nice deep breath and swing while releasing it I can actually hit the ball;
~I need to play more often.

So hopefully once I get the official "okay" to do twisting sports (yes, I am technically not supposed to play yet) I will be back on the course. Hopefully this happens next Wednesday. :) Well, it's time to pack- I leave for Kappa Kappa Gamma's Convention in just over 50 hours and I haven't packed yet. Oops...

June 1- 15 Photo A Day

So I have decided for June that I will be posting my photos in two groups- the first half and the second half. So hopefully this is good for all of you. ;)  I did miss June 9th but I have been really good the past 15 days. Enjoy!
June 1: Morning routine to physical therapy

June 2: Empty :(

June 3: On my Plate- breakfast smoothie

June 4: Close-up  lunch!

June 5: a Sign that I am getting older.

June 6: my pink hardhat

June 7: Drink-  My morning routine

June 8: 6 o'clock: gym!

June 10: Best bit of my weekend: a clean house!
June 11: Trax door

June 12: a low angle: the skylight for the tunnel at work

June 13: Art- my favorite artwork in concrete at work.

June 14: about time to get the house organized

June 15: Yellow

Friday, June 8, 2012

Masters Swimming

A couple weeks ago I asked Scott to pick up a pool schedule at Sorenson Community Center.  When he brought it back they have added a Masters Swimming group on Tuesday nights. So on Tuesday I decided to actually go to the session. I went and the guy holding the practices was actually a Bengal swimmer from the early 1990's. I only did a 2100 but it was great getting back into the water and swimming again.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 24- 31

Here are the photos a day from May 24- May 31st. :)

May 24: Something New- Dog bone (it lasted 10 minutes)
May 25: Unusual- Cement dog in my living room
May 26: 12 o'clock: lunch!
May 27: Something Sweet- she tried to stay awake but couldn't
May 28: The Weather- it was sunny but overcast (not official day photo)

May 29: Number- Real Game numbers
May 30: Personality, 'nuff said...
May 31: Something Beautiful- nature at it's best

Busy, Busy...

What else do you expect from me, right?

With my surgery all of my out of pocket expenses for medical is done so I made appointments to see all of the doctor visits this past month. I visited the eye doc in early May and I found out that my distance vision is slowly going away. They gave me a prescription to get glasses for long distances and driving (as that is where I notice it most when looking at street signs). I haven't filled it yet but I will eventually do it, I just don't want to admit that I'm getting older and getting my parents vision (it's bad) but I guess I could have had my vision go a long time ago like Scott's did. 

I visited the dentist and I unfortunately had a cavity so we got that all situated, and at my GP they did blood work to make sure my cholesterol was better than last year (it was approaching the caution zone) and a diabetes test. The good news is my cholesterol is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. The bad news is I have pre diabetes. I talked to my awesome nurse aunt tonight and I am into the pre diabetes (by 0.1) so I need to get my exercise and food in check. With this news I have already started working out and eating much better so she thinks that I will be good to go if I continue this.

This weekend I spent getting my Kappa files in order. Scott wasn't too thrilled but I have all of my emails organized, files ready to send in to Headquarters, and my files from this year are organized. It feels so good that I am organized, even if it is only for one day. ;) Now I just need to get ready for convention, only 16 days away!

Things are somewhat slowing down but who knows with Fathers Day, Kappa Convention, a birthday, and the cruise rapidly approaching! Happy June everyone!!