Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 16- 23 Photo-a-day

I'm apparently off of the Sunday updates but that's okay. Enjoy this week's photo a day! :)

Day 16: What I'm reading
Day 17: Snack
Day 18: Something I made
Day 19: A favorite place- Scofiled
Day 20: Something you can't live without
 Day 21: Where I stand (Sorry missed this one!)

Day 22: Pink
Day 23: Technology

2012 First Camping Trip

Last weekend Scott and I went out with part of the Anderson and Shaw families to go camping for a couple days. We went to one of the canyons that is beyond Grantsville in Tooele County. I have never been out there and I realized how beautiful it is out in the western mountains.

We left Saturday morning and took the hour drive out there. We got to camp, set up and then went ride in the razors. That afternoon we played some ladder ball,  did some target practice, and just chilled. Here are some of my favorite photos of the weekend.

The Andeson's ready for a ride.

A view up the canyon while we were driving.

At the top of the trail.

Self portrait

Ladder ball!

Target & clay pigeon shooting

The kids playing on the log in the camp.

One of the many cool trees around our site.

Great entertainment for the kids: firewood.

My boys

She kept trying to stay awake but it finally got the best of her.

2 of the Shaw boys

And the 3rd Shaw boy.
On the Sunday ride we went up the mountain into the tree line- beautiful!

Coming down the canyon and you can see the Great Salt Lake in the distance.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life is Good

Life has been good. Here are some photos from the past few weeks...

Scott's Pulled Pork- Delicious!
The night after Day 1 of Doggie Day Care
My beautiful flowers (too bad they didn't stay this way- dumb neighbor kids)

The Moon at its closest point to the earth.
My first bike ride since the surgery
My attempt at zucchini chips. epic fail.
Kevin Graduation

April 28- May 13 Photo A Day

I have the most recent photo's a day. Like I mentioned in my previous post I missed a handful of them so there are ones I did, sorry about the gaps... Enjoy!

April 28: 1pm
I was visiting the Estee Lauder counter :)

 May 7: Someone who inspires me
 I couldn't choose just one so I went with 4...
Day 8: A smell you adore
 Dinner, YUM!
Day 9: Something I do Everyday
 Thank you to the husband who cooks, I do the dishes!
Day 10: A favorite word
3- food, wine, grilling

Day 11: Kitchen

Day 12: Something that Makes Me Happy

Need I say more?

Day 13: Mum
Thank you to the best Mom & Grandma. 

Happy Mothers Day & I love you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maybe we will slow down

Well as usual things have been busy so that is why I haven't posted in a while. It has been so busy that I have only participated in 3 days of the "photo a day" challenge that is going on so I'll be waiting to post those with next week's photos.

Life on the physical therapy side of things are going really well. Scott & I have done 2 long bike rides- without my brace and pain while on the ride. I have also been cleared to start jogging in a straight line so I think tomorrow I will be visiting a high school to use their track. :) I have also been reduced to going to PT 2 times a week. I talked to the therapist on Monday and he was worried about me when I first started but he is very impressed with how things have come along the past few weeks. So we are moving forward and maybe I'll be somewhat "normal" for the cruise in July. :)

Work has slowed down as well. Our big yearly banquet was last Wednesday and it went really well. We had some good surprises and we were able to get those distinguished alumni recognized (the photo at the top is of the office girls who helped me that night). We also had  graduation on Friday.  There is something about that day that I just love; I think that the thing  is the excitement of the day. I was able to help out, as usual, and things went off really well with very few people being confused as to what is going on.

Scott's brother Kevin graduated from the U on Friday and I was able to go to the ceremony. It was a good time sitting with Scott's parents and enjoying a dinner with family. We have also found out that they are going to be having a boy so we are getting all of the boy stuff out and ready!

Kappa is winding down on the chapter side of things but convention things are starting to really gear up. As the Director of Chapters put it we have less than 42 days until it starts so that is good news. It also means that I am about 50 days until Seattle and the cruise. So exciting! :)