Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crazy Week

 Why is it that life is always busy when you don't have the extra time to deal with the extra stuff? Last week was one of those weeks that was super crazy. I was able to have a really lazy day on Monday (I never got out of my PJ's) and then the crazy week ensued.

At work last week it was the Knowledge Exchange and Networking Week. This consisted of a panel of employers for 3 days and then we had an open house & attended a Utah basketball game after the open house. It made for a very long week as I worked over the weekend and then did 38 hours in 4 days. Crazy. The good news is the week is done and fairly successful and I am good to leave for a week with my surgery happening on Tuesday.

Of course work is crazy and that means Kappa is as well. Its good to know that people are asking questions and it makes me feel like I am having getting through to people but who knows if it really is sinking in. :) 

I can't say that I'll be updating next week but we will see if I get bored then you can bet that I'll be writing you more.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo A Day Callenge

I decided last week that I was going to start doing the Photo A Day challenge that many of my friends have found and are doing (you can find the blog here). I started last week and below are my photos for the different days:

10. Self Portrait: Horrible photo but I am have a homemade onion ring.

 11. Something I love: Captain was trying to get the cat walking across the yard.

12. Inside my Closet: Good thing I cleaned it out the previous day...

13: Blue: The photo is bad but I have a blue Kappa bag, a photo of the blue ocean in France, and a blue fan.

14. Heart: I heart my Husband! These are my Valentines gifts.

15. Phone: Scott & my matching phones. 

16. Something New:A new photo of the girls, my new computer cord, and a new experience for lights at the yogurt shop.

17. Time: Time for the weekend!

18. Drink: What I had after dinner. 

19. Something I hate to do: This one I had to do two. The first is clean the house and the second is working on work over the weekend. 

I will hopefully not have this many to update next time but I wanted to share. :) 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Tonight Scott logged onto The Chive and found this picture:

Do you think this is Captain? Well, it's not but it could be his cousin. How do we know this? Well it's because this is him in his room:

Yep, its a pretty similar photo don't you think??

Last Girls Night

Tonight was our last Girls Night with Jenny for 18 months while she serves on an LDS Mission. It was so hard having the last night for a while but I think we had a good time. We went to Rumby's for dinner, over to a yogurt place for some soft serve and we saw The Vow. The movie was good--not too mushy but there was 3 teenagers that kept screaming/talking when Tatum did different things. Very annoying.

It was a good time but I am sad to see Jenny leaving for a while. Good thing I get to see her in 2 weekends again or else tonight would have been tears rolling...

Below you will see a funky photo that I took in the yogurt shop. It's a reflection of the lights that change different colors on the ceiling. So fun!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


In January Scott & I rented a condo in Park City, you can refresh your memory here. The first Saturday we were there I had a nice crash down one of the runs. I thought that I had hurt my knee but I was able to ski on it and when we went home it hurt a little but overall it was doing alright.

Well over the next 3 weeks my knee would periodically give out on me, provide random pains, and it just wouldn't stop being slightly swollen. Last Friday I finally called the doctor that helped me with my previous knee injury, well he was out of town so I made an appointment with another doctor in the office.

My appointment with the new doctor was on Monday and I found out that I have actually torn my ACL. They were quite surprised that I have been skiing since I did this (I've actually been 4x since the fall). So I was able to get into the doctor who will be doing the surgery today and confirmed that I will be experiencing another ACL surgery. So at the end of the month I'll be down and out for a week and then slowly moving there after...

Kappa visit to Colorado

Two weekends ago I visited Colorado and saw two of the chapters that I am over for my Kappa position. On Saturday I flew into Denver International Airport and then drove down to Colorado Springs and visited the women of Delta Zeta, Colorado College (my home for the weekend is pictured above). I met with a handful of the chapter officers, talked to a few advisers and attended officer training. It was a busy 36 hours there but it was really nice to meet the chapter women.

After Officer Training was completed I drove an hour and a half up to Boulder and visited the women of Beta Mu, University of Colorado, Boulder.  I spent the next 48 hours with these women. Meeting with the various chapter committees, officers, attended chapter meeting and did some site visits for our Province Meeting that will be held there. It was another busy 48 hours but it was a great visit. This was my 2nd time visiting Boulder and like the first time I didn't take a photo of the house. Next time I will remember to get one (as you should see how BEAUTIFUL the place is).  :)