Saturday, July 11, 2015

Months 5 & 6

Aaron has grown and developed so much over the past 2 months! When we went in for his 6 month checkup he was 16lb 11oz, 26.5in long and his head is 17in. This correlates to 30%, 45%, and 35% respectively. So we have a slightly smaller than average kid. That is perfectly fine with us compared to what he was back at month 1 and 2. 

Some updates on him include:
5 month photo
Loved to roll from his tummy to back πŸ’› Started to grab for things πŸ’› Started to get the legs under his body to 'crawl' πŸ’› Loves to stand up, with assistance πŸ’› Drools like a crazy kid πŸ’›Started to talk back with you πŸ’› Started to situp with support πŸ’› Started to eat solid foods: loves carrots, peas, green beans, and rice. Doesn't like sweet potatoes and squash.

We love to wear our food!
6 Month Photo
Talks up a storm πŸ’š Started to army crawl across a blanket πŸ’š Rolls, both ways, and forgets that he knows how to get off of the tummy/back πŸ’š Can situp for a minute or so without support πŸ’š Loves eating apples and bananas πŸ’š Stands up all the time πŸ’š Started to sleep on his side/tummy πŸ’š Smiles all the time πŸ’š Loves 'playing' with his doggie.

In the past 2 weeks he has developed a lot more but I'll wait to update those on the next month!

2 Month Update

My how time fly's when you are having fun!

We have been busy at least one day of the weekend since Memorial Day. The good news is this weekend we are in town so we have had a nice reprieve of having (almost) nothing to to. So needless to say things have really been busy and here is a quick recap of some of the events:

Christine, Ben and Davis came into town for a visit where we were able to get together with them a few times. One Sunday while they were in town all the Hortin Grandkids were at the house so we got to see them interact with each other. It was so fun to see them!

One weekend in early June Aaron, Grammie and I had an impromptu visit to Vernal to see the Christensen's. Scott was golfing in southern Utah and we hadn't seen them in a while so we packed up our car and went out to see them. We were able to hangout, shop, go on a Kuboda ride, see the farm, and I was able to go on a horse ride. We can't wait until we get back up!
Hanging out with our Great Aunt Sherrie

Scofield Cabin (2x for Scott and Aaron)
We were able to spend one Saturday/Sunday at the cabin in early June where most of the Hortin family were able to come down for part of the day. Jayne and Jack were sick so they didn't come but it was good having the rest of us around. The adults went fishing on the rocks and Aaron and Grandma Hortin stayed inside playing.

Scott and Aron went with the whole family again while I was in Columbus. They overall they had a good time enjoying the cabin. It wasn't a great time for Robyn and Dan as they crashed in the Rzr. They thought they got out of it with Robyn only scraping up her arm and a bruise. Unfortunately it turns out she hurt her back and is now having to recover from that.

I went to Columbus for Kappa Associate Council Seminar. It was a great time collaborating with fellow assistants and getting to see/meet new friends. It was great to get back into the Kappa mood and really get excited for the changes to the volunteer system that is being proposed.
Katie and I- roomies for the weekend
Island Park, ID (3x)
We went to the Barn Memorial Day, Fathers Day, and 4th of July weekends. They were all fun in their own way. Memorial Aaron got sick (along with the rest of us) so that was a little rough. The good news is we had Will and Liz come up with us and my parents. It was a weekend of 4 wheeling, fishing, and lounging.

Aaron hanging out with Liz
Our entertainment for the weekend (Captain is off to the side)
We went up for Henry Fork Day's (my name) that fell over my birthday and Fathers Day. We went to west on Friday, had the great chance in meeting up with my 2nd parents (The Primus) in West Yellowstone. That night we went to the banquet and Sunday we went on a Rzr ride and then a nice large 'dinner' with mom and dad to celebrate Fathers Day and dad's birthday.

Our new cowboy boots that were purchased this weekend.
The 4th of July weekend was nice with us taking a long Rzr ride to West on Friday, Saturday Scott and dad went Fishing when Aaron, Grand, and I went 'swimming' and had friends over. Sunday we lounged around the house.
First time in his pool.
The big catch of the day.
Aaron hanging out with his best babysitter in Island Park.