Sunday, April 20, 2014

April Brings Busy Times

Not like anything is new in the statement "busy times" for our life but it continued through April.

Last weekend Nicci and Bill came into town and it was a great time having them here for a few days. We were able to take the Fun Bus out to Wendover. We had the whole family there and had a great night of family fun, with the only person winning being Dad. Saturday my parents had an open house and it was great seeing all of the family and friends.

Other things that we have been doing this spring is working on the yard. We finally finished the fence and actually stained it this weekend. We have started working on the water feature and the retaining wall for it today. We hope to get it done in the next month and I'll post the final pictures when we are done. I lost many of the photos that were taken as we were building the fence because of my phone dieing but a couple of the photos of the progress are below.

The backyard with the fence- it makes it a lot more secluded from the neighbors (if only you could make it sound proof). Captain loves having the yard enclosed because he can now roam the yard. You can slightly see him on the trailer sunning- his new favorite spot.

 Captain was working so hard this weekend he decided he needed a nap in the middle of the dirt. 

This photo contains everything we did this weekend: waterproofed the fence, ran electricity for the fountain and BBQ (not shown), determined where the pond will be, and got the bricks for the start of the retaining wall.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Trip to Moab

Well, despite work being crazy Scott and I went down to Moab last weekend. We had a good weekend with my parents and were able to do some fun new trails and do some of the classics that we have done in our previous 2 trips. Below are some photos of the weekend.

Poison Spider Mesa Outlook

Canyonlands overlook to the Needles area (I believe)
Chicken Corners view to the Green River

Mom and Dad on Fins 'n Things