Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

We had a great Memorial Day at Scofield with the Hortin family. The unfortunate part of the weekend was that we worked all day Saturday and part of Sunday on cleaning out the kitchen and updating the paint on the deck.

It wasn't all work, we were able to get some play in. The play activities include fishing for the guys,  Rzr ride down below the dam, target shooting, walks and naps. On Sunday I was able to watch a lot of goslings and their parents on the shore of the lake. It's crazy how many little ones were there and in one group.  It was a good weekend to kick off a busy June!

Some after photos of our work and the goslings:
The amount of supplies we took down filled the back seat of the truck.

The kitchen all clean! (I should have taken a before to show the difference)

Patio floor is done!

Captain watching the birds and wanting to get them all weekend.

The goslings (in the water)!

Backyard Creations

Since the last update we have spent every extra minute working on the back yard (or at least it seems that way). The good news is we have finally finished all the major projects. Now I just need to make cushions for the patio chairs (I've only had the supplies for a year) and we are going to edit our shade awning to make it a little easier to remove and hopefully move on the wires. For now here are a few photos of the finished project!
Lower pond at night, with plants

Upper pond at night, with plants

Full pond with the lights on the wall (they can be changed any color!)

Upper pond, day- no plants

Full yard look- no plants

Planter boxes!! This was before we planed the past weekend...