Monday, November 22, 2010

She said what??

Yes, this is me getting on a soapbox but what happened to high school kids and their language?

The University of Utah Natatorium rents out one of their pools to a local (private) high school for practices. As I was walking into the locker room after swimming tonight I followed a group of high school girls into the locker room. Normally its okay but today one of the girls was talking about doing someone and getting wet just watching a guy. Now who in the right mind would think that a high school student (18 years old-max) would think/say that in public? I am 10+ years older than that girl and still don't talk to people about stuff like that! Man how have things changed since I was 'young'.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Hitched

Well now that you have read about all the fun pre-wedding events it is the actual wedding time! We held the wedding/dinner/reception at the Salt Lake Country Club. We held our ceremony outside and were so lucky to have the weather cooperate with us. As the procession started the sun came out and the clouds broke up (it had a look of rain all morning long). We were lucky to have wonderful friends and family to come and celebrate the wedding with us.

After the ceremony we went and had dinner and it was so much fun listening to our friends and family give speeches, updates on the Utah football game, and just laughter all around.

After dinner we had an open reception where we had the rest of our friends and family come and have a good evening of dancing, singing, and the traditional wedding celebrations. I'll post more pictures when we get the photos from the photographer but the ones through this are from various friends and family.

Rehersal Dinner

The next night in our wedding craziness was our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We had more friends and family fly into town for dinner and were lucky enough to celebrate it by going to dinner at Faustina (delicious) and then went out to Keys on Main and sang the night away. The other exciting thing about the day was it was Scotts Birthday so we had double celebration that night!

A pic of us walking into dinner.

Part of the table at dinner. 
 The Girls squished in the backseat on our way to Keys...
 ..I did mention squished, right?

 Nicci & Bill- the farthest people to travel for our wedding.

Everyone joining us at Keys. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bachelorette Party

As apart of all weddings there is the Bachelorette Party that brings excitement and humiliation (or at least I think this) to the soon-to-be bride. My wonderful sister, Nicci, planned a fun party for me and my Bachelorette party.

We went to Stoneground for dinner and had some pizza and fun games. There was a great group of family and friends that were able to join us. The people who were awesome enough to come and celebrate with us are: Mara, Jodie, Khara, Jannalyn, Jessica, Ashely, Jenny, Amanda, Alice, Jayne, Christine, Robyn, Pam, and Nicci. Some pictures are below of people who came (sorry if you aren't pictured, we apparently forgot to get a WHOLE group photo):

 The Mom's
 Work Girls
 High School & College Swimming Friends
 My Future sister-in-laws & Mother-in-law

After dinner those of us who didn't have to work the next day and wanted to go out went to the Tavernacle. We had a great time singing along to the songs and everyone trying to get me really embarrassed. It was a great time and enjoyed hanging out with the girls for another night of fun without the guys. 
 Sporting the "I'm Easy" tag.
 Dancing and signing the night away...
 I believe this was the I'm to sexy for my beads verse....
 Singing into the straws--a very enjoyable time.
I love these girls, flying across the country for the weekend.

Overall the night was great and I really appreciate my sister planning it for me--I wouldn't have changed it one bit!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello World!

Hello Internet,

I haven't been around this blog in a long time but life has been crazy to say the least. Well by now the wedding is done and over with (hooray!), we went on our honeymoon, all my work events are done (well, until the holidays that it), and Kappa has been busy but good. An update on everything:

The Wedding:  It was gorgeous and everything that a girl could ask for. It was great having friends and family around to celebrate our special day. I had 5 friends from college fly in and celebrate the weekend with us. They joined us for the rehearsal dinner and then the evening of the wedding. They flew out on Sunday but most of them were able to come and spend some time with us while we opened gifts. I'll post photos of the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding shortly but one is below.
The Kappas 
Scott & I cutting the cake

The Honeymoon: I was lucky enough to have a husband that booked us at an adult all inclusive resort in Cancun. We were down there for a week enjoying the beach/pool and not doing anything. We did have an exciting couple of days when Hurricane Paula came through and closed things down for about 24 hours. We were able to go scuba diving one day and that was nice but the water was very rough because of the hurricane. It was a new experience and I can't wait to get back there!
The rain from the hurricane.
Dinner on the last night.

That's it for now but I will post pictures of everything SOON!! :)