Monday, May 9, 2011

Neighborhood Cleanup

Well it is that time of the year when Salt Lake County does the neighborhood cleanup. Well since we were gone last week we were unable to get everything done that we wanted to so we did it tonight. One of our trees had taken over the power/phone lines in the back yard that went to our house and 3 others. Overall it looked like this:

After 2 1/2 - 3 hours of cutting the tree down it now looks like this:

And we have created two huge piles of branches/tree trunks:

This fall the rest of the tree will come down to make way for the fence that we are going to put in but for one night of work I think that this worked out quite well. Now if only the city would do a clean up 2 times a year then we would be set to get rid of the rest of the tree...

Vacation Time

Well this past week the family traveled to Indiana to celebrate Nicci's MBA Graduation from IU. We went down for 6 days to enjoy some R&R. We visited a couple brewery's, winery, campus, and just relaxed for the weekend. Below are some photos of the week, enjoy!

 Water fountain at the Oliver winery.

 Cinco de Mayo fajitas, yum!


 The family at graduation.

 Nicci & Bill at the bar listening to the 2nd Year Band.

Scott & I at the bar.