Sunday, August 26, 2012

Make Lemonaide

You always hear this phrase but you never know how you will really react when you get your lemons. About a month ago Scott was laid off so we got to deal with the craziness of a single income and finding a job. Not to mention all of the stress in how are you going to pay your bills and help your spouse realize they are an amazing person.

In a matter of 9 days Scott had 3 interviews, 1 interview coming, and quite a few calls for temp work he received two job offers. It is amazing what good friends will/can do! Both of the offers came from leads that friends- one through a friends brother, the other was actually in the office she worked at.

So the good news is Scott has a new job and he is doing something completely different than what he has done before. With this change we made lemonade and we are enjoying our new drink (and I'm loving a happy husband).