Thursday, September 20, 2012

3rd Time a Charm, ?

Well the Holy War ended with a win but some could say we won three times. (And some is my personal opinion.) It was a great night and as usual full of crazy football that is typically expected for the Holy War. In the end it was great seeing the new 3rd/4th quarter "tradition" that they are starting and the unfortunate 3 swarms of MUSS onto the field... Another year down so that is good.

The Band, they were quite good that night.

The Drums- not the best photo but it works.

Rush 1

Rush 2

Rush 3- The Final one, thank goodness.

Jackson Daniel Hortin

Congratulations to Kevin and Jayne on their newest edition to the Hortin family! On Wednesday, September 12 Jackson (Jack) Daniel Hortin was born. I am now officially an Aunt to a human and not just a 4 legged animal. :) He is a great Ute fan alreday!

Kappa Travel

September 9-12th I went and visited Boulder, CO for a Recruitment visit for Kappa. It was great getting back to the Beta Mu women for a couple days. While there I stayed up late 2 nights (latest was 4am) and the night/morning that I came home I actually didn't go to bed. I left the chapter at 4am  and they were still in voting meeting, got to the airport at 5, landed in Salt Lake at 8:30am (only 40 minutes late) and then I went straight to work.

Of course I couldn't travel and cause some drama and that was done in 2 ways. The first was I forgot my chaptstick so I had "lipstick" lips for a bit and I was amazing and didn't see that a pothole was in the ground and I totally biffed it. I am waiting a few more days before I go into the doctors as I really hope I didn't do anything major to my knee.

Overall it was a busy three days but I loved every minute of it.  It was completely worth the late nights and crazy times behind the scenes as they were able to get 71 new members. Congratulations ladies!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And Summer is Gone...

...why? Well football season has started! Every year I have mixed feelings about this as it means the summer lounging and warm weather is long gone for another 9 months. Here are a few photos from the Utah season opener against Northern Colorado. Lets go Utah! :)
The new Utah exit tube (that's what I call it).

The Stanley Cup was there!

The new drums that come out between the 3rd and 4th quarter.

Stiehl Wedding

Our good friends Alice and Chace got married over the weekend and we had a wonderful time celebrating their big day with them. The weekend before the girls went to dinner for the bachelorette party and then met the husbands (all but the bride was married). It was two great nights and some photos of the two events are below:
The Bride and Jess, a bridesmaid.

Shot with the "special" shot glass.

The happy couple!

Adam being 'drunk' and wearing the Bride's crown


Cutting the cake


All of the Kappas in attendance.

Ready... set... DANCE!

The good thing about closing out the dance floor- you get some of the fun flowers!

Scott and I would like to with the newly married Alice and Chase the best in your future lives together!!

Busy August

This summer flew by! I can't believe how fast it went and how much I wasn't able to do. August created a great month with a lot of action. Below are a few clips of the month:

Celebrated Liz's 21st Birthday

Watched some Olympics...

and some Bees baseball...

and some Real.
Volunteered with the Tour of Utah

Volunteered with the Tour of Utah (ie watched some crazy biking).
Went to Vegas with the girls (I didn't take a picture with all of us, dumb!)
And helped the Utah Kappas with Recruitment.
It was a great month and here is to another busy month ahead!