Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cabin for the Weekend

This weekend we had a great time going to Scofield with 2 Anderson families. We had a great weekend of campfire, slip-n-bleed (though there wasn't any bleeding this year), laying in the Relaxation Station, and just chilling around the cabin. I would like to say thanks to Scott, Brian, Blake, Tiffany, Tyson, Sawyer, Shantai, Kolby, Korver, and dogs (all 3 of them) for an awesome weekend.  :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer Weekend

Happy Pioneer Weekend! 

In Utah this is the day that the pioneers entered into the Salt Lake Valley. Since the holiday fell on a Sunday we got today off so we had a wonderful 3 day weekend. With the weekend my parents got a cabin at a place called Six Lakes (above) where we relaxed, payed in the lake, and the guys fished quite a bit. Friday after work Scott & I drove up and found everyone playing Manipulation.

The view from the cabin was great and we overlooked a good size lake that we had to ourselves all weekend long. This is a shot of it at Dusk and one in the morning.

On Saturday we found out that the local town of Altamont was having a parade so we decided to go and visit. It was a cute little parade, typical small town parade, but a good time for everyone involved. We even saw Mater!

That afternoon we pulled out the Lazy Island (I didn't get a photo of this) and was blown all over the lake. We didn't realize that there was an anchor that we could use so Julie and I took turns to kick us back to the middle of the lake (Mom and Peter was in the island as well). That night we did s'mores and did some star gazing (with the help of Mark's phone app). 

On Sunday we had a lazy day and layed around the cabin and swam a little bit. Will and Vinny wandered around to the other side of the lake and did some cliff jumping as well.

Sunday we were in charge of the food so Scott decided to do a brisket. I did take a photo of it 1/2 way through cooking but I forgot one before we ate it. It was DELICIOUS and I think that he should start a restaurant but then I wouldn't see him so I'll keep his cooking to myself. ;)

Every night the guys would get into the pontoon, kick boat, or kayak and go fishing. The rest of us sat on the patio and watched them and the sunset.

On Monday we slept in and the guys went fishing again. The rest of us hung out, took a bike ride, and cleaned. It was a good weekend and it would have been a site to see all 3 cars leaving with all of the toys on the cars (key: Balk's= bikes; Pannier's=2 kick-boats, 1 pontoon; Hortin's: 2kayaks, not shown).


Well, we are all but done in putting up the drywall. Thanks to Scott's brother and dad we finished the ceiling of the basement last Thursday. We only have to do the bulkhead in the main room and the interior of where we are going to put some storage for blankets. Enjoy the photos and this week's goal is to finish the 2 drywall sections and start to tape/mud. The good news, the end is in sight!! :)

Entering into the basement. 
Looking back to the entrance into the basement. 

The entrance into the hallway. 

Turning the corner of the hall: the storage space is on the left and the bedroom is straight ahead. 

 The bedroom. 

Looking back to the hallway.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 2-4, 2011

This year for the 4th of July we actually stayed in town (surprising I know!) and had a good somewhat relaxing weekend. Like the last post we spent Friday night/ Saturday working on the basement.

Saturday night we went to Seven Peaks Salt Lake (the old Raging Waters) and dragged Jayne and Brian with us. We had a great 2 hours playing on the slides with no one there. We are going to be going back again at closing time so we can have another night of no one there and you can walk right onto the slides.

Sunday we wanted to get out of the heat so we went up to Park City and visited the outlets. It was a good time but we definitely had a GREAT time at the Columbia Outlet. They had a sale with things either 30% off or 50% off AND we had a 20% coupon off of everything. I was able to get a few shirts that are originally $30 but purchased it for $4. Good times for all!

Sunday night Scott & I went to the Anderson's for a BBQ and fireworks. It was a great time and enjoyed meeting all of the new friends I made. Some photos of the night:
Sawyer, the future model.

Shantai and Korver smiling for fireworks!

Not quite sure what is going on...

Bo didn't make it, but he sure tried!

My child enjoying sparklers. 

Sawyer enjoying the fireworks (only after not being quite sure about it).

On Monday we went to the Murry Parade with the Hortin family and then went to Grandpa Hortin's for a BBQ. It was a good time talking to family and the best part was surprising everyone that we came. And for the record: Scott was the one who said we will go--I didn't drag him. :)

 The Hortin Family along State Street. 

 The guys hanging out (too cool to sit down). 

 The little ones ready for the candy.

 Christine & Ben with Ben's Niece.

After the Hortin party we went home and let the dog out and actually took a long nap. It was great taking a nap and catching up on some sleep that didn't happen over the weekend. Monday night we went to my parents and had some more BBQ with my aunt and uncle. Following dinner we went to the Salt Lake Country Club and watched some fireworks. What a great way to celebrate our nation's Birthday.

Mom and Dad acting like they don't like each other. 

Scott and I waiting for the sun to go down. 


I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!!