Sunday, August 29, 2010


I love how life keeps me busy but sometimes I wish that it would give me a break. This past week has been crazy BUT overall pretty good. We mailed off the invitations for the wedding, did a trial run of the hair, picked up the wedding dress, and got the cake topper. It has been a very productive week on the wedding front if you ask me! :)

At work we actually moved into our new offices and that is very exciting. The timing could have been better because the semester started on Monday so the students are back on campus and want things done now but we can't because of the move. The other thing is trying to figure out how to set up the office and where to put everything. You get used to how your office is set up and now that you don't have anything to reference it to. I actually had my computer set up but I sat down and I looked at the bottom of my credenza and decided against that because I could rest my head on it. I hope that the next week will allow me to get the office organized!

Kappa is going full force with Fall Recruitment starting yesterday. There were 220 girls went through yesterday and we are told that there will be more tomorrow. This is my favorite time with Kappa because you get to see the chapter grow and become closer. We have 3 more days of this organized chaos and then bid day.

And finally (yes, there is a lot going on) we got the cabinets for the kitchen today and Scott & Brian started renovation yesterday. The two rooms are now almost one as you can see below. The wall is going to become bar height and have a counter there. With just this opening (it will be expanded a little) it makes the house seem so open! There is a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks but it'll be nice to have the kitchen how we want it to be.

As you can tell life is crazy. You definitely won't hear from me until Friday--at the earliest. Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kappa Kappa Gamma

I am a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma fraternity. I joined this organization my sophomore year in college. Now some background on this decision: it is well known (or at least I think it is) that Kappa wasn't my first choice but I decided to join because of my father. I'm sure you are thinking, "Your father? Isn't it a women's fraternity?" And the answer to that is yes BUT he had the best point when I called him, crying like crazy, that I wasn't offered a bid to the one of my choice but Kappa wanted me. He said think about the opportunities that Kappa could possibly bring me and when I move back to Salt Lake (he obviously knew I wouldn't stay away from this city) there is a chapter at the U and you can get involved that way. I thought about it and joined and once I was initiated I haven't looked back on that decision!

As a undergraduate student I was overly involved with everything swimming, Trustees Committee for Student Affairs, Lawrence Fund Senior Committee (I can't remember the technical name), and Kappa. These groups are what made my time at Lawrence (though, school did suffer a bit). I served in many offices and my senior year I held WAY too many to be actually functional but somehow I did it. It was a great time and I thought that I wouldn't be able to beat my over involvement from that year.

When I moved back to Salt Lake it took me a while but I got involved with the chapter. About a year- year and a half after I moved back and became involved with the chapter and, like before, I haven't looked back since.

About a week and a half ago I received a phone call from the Director of Chapters (a BIG position) asking if I would like to move into a Province Director of Chapters (PDC) position.  This is a much bigger position than those that I have held before and it brings on a lot of responsibility. After thinking about it over the weekend and saying I was interested the Fraternity Council appointed me to the position last week.  (::insert crazy dance here::) I am so excited but a little daunted/overwhelmed by this new responsibility.

What will I be doing? Well I am the person that 3 chapters contact if there are any questions/issues that may arise as well as help collect paperwork that is due (among other things).  It doesn't *seem* like that much more work than my current involvement, and I think once I get into the position I will be fine, but trying to get everything organized, know what I'm supposed to be doing and actually doing what I'm supposed to be doing makes life busy. It doesn't help that I'm also trying to finish up my current job, recruitment adviser, while doing all this with life. The good thing about the overlap is there are some awesome advisers that I work with & my officer are on top of things. I'll be down to one position once I recruitment is done (next Wednesday).

So here I come to this new adventure. I hope that I can be as helpful as all of the other PDC's I've worked with--its going to be tough but I am up for the challenge!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Well we are going to be redoing the kitchen at the fiances home here shortly. It will be a great time to get the kitchen done but I am a little worried about the stress level to go on top of all of the wedding stuff BUT it will be done and we won't have to worry about that later. It'll all be good!

What are we doing? Well you will now know. Scott & I have a unspoken/spoken deal that if he cooks I'll do the dishes so we get a win-win situation out of that. The only downfall is that I get to do the dishes by hand. So I have asked for a dishwasher to be put in (yeah, its cheating but it'll be a lot faster & water efficient now). We will also make one wall of cupboards that is currently 12" deep to 24" deep to better accommodate the pantry area.

We will also be adding some much needed counter space by adding onto the right side of the stove and on the wall next to the pantry. It is going to be a big project but it will be very nice to get it done. So we will hopefully go to Ikea this weekend and get all the supplies and then watch out--here comes the demo in the house!

Monday, August 9, 2010


This weekend my fiances company had their annual family party up at Snowbird. Last year they held it there and it was a good time--minus standing in line for 2 hours to go on their alpine slide. So to avoid that problem this year we decided that we would go up and be there right as they opened. Well, it was a great idea BUT many people decided to do that as well. So we got to the top and decided to go on the Alpine slide since that line took forever last year. Well we stood in line for an hour and we were able to go on the ride. After we get done we decide we want to do the zip line so we go and get into line.

We wait in line for a little over an hour and the next thing you know it starts to rain. We are only 2 sets of riders to go before we are at the top of the line. We wait about 10 minutes until they start it back up and they send both groups. We get excited that we are just about there but then they only send up one seat for the zip line. So they have to send it up. I go over and get strapped in and then they let Scott get all but strapped in when it starts to DOWN POUR. The phone rings and one of the workers answers it--we can't go. Now normally we would have waited BUT it was 10 minutes before lunch ended and the rain wasn't going to stop any time soon. So we waited in line for 1.5 hours for a stupid zip line AND we got soaked. So we went to lunch and sat through the prizes (Scott won the 2nd to last prize with the last prize being a iPad- what a bummer!).

We were going to go up on the tram in the afternoon but we walked out of the lunch and the line to go up on the tram was out of the tram house. SO! We went home. It was so frustrating to have a day up there and all we did was the alpine slide. Oh well, it got us out of the valley and hiking at least part of the mountain. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I feel like I'm.... in a wedding world. That isn't a bad thing AT ALL but it will be great once some of the smaller things are done. Today we tasted cakes and they were DELICIOUS! I am so excited to see the outcome of the cake and get to taste the actual cake. We also added a groomsman cake and it will look great and taste just as good (or at least in my opinion).  In the last week we have also cut the following things off our list of To Dos:

Ceremony Musicians
Finalized Invite Lists (now to compile & address)
Finalized the Favors
Purchased the Wedding Bands
Decided on the Bridesmaids/my jewelery
Dinner Place cards (now to decide the design)
Set the Bridal Picture date

So most of the "major" stuff is done and we are now down to the small details that will take more time but it'll be all good in just over 2 months. Hooray for productivity!  ;) Next Saturday Scott's family is having the first shower and I am excited to go and meet all of their friends and see the family again. From what I can tell the next two months are going to fly by....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Where did the time go??

Well, it has been a few weeks since I last updated and I am sorry for that (August 2nd already?!?!). I was going to update last week but the Internet at home crashed (thank you to the modem for dieing) and I wrote one this past Friday but the Internet crashed once again and I got it going last night. SO!

On the wedding front we are doing GREAT! I booked the ceremony people today and over the weekend Scott & I were very productive in deciding on the engagement photo, and wedding bands. In the previous weeks we have finalized our favor ideas and gotten the guest book. So it's looking like little things need to be done now (well maybe not little for everything--we still need to address and mail invites).

Over the 24th holiday I went down to Scofield, UT and hung out with my family (minus Nicci) and Scott's family (minus Christine). We went fishing, created the slip & bleed (again), 4 wheeled, shot a few rounds,  and hung out. Below are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

Dad Fishing
Mom making cards
Captain & Drake swimming
Brian & Captain on the boat
Scott driving the boat with B wakeboarding
Jayne on the slip & bleed
Scott & Kevin dueling on the tubes
Mom & Dad making dinner on the 24th
Scott on the 4 wheeler ride
Trying to fix one of the 4wheelers--it broke
Liz shooting
Will shooting

Oh I would also like to make a shout out to my good friend Jodie--Happy Birthday Chika! Welcome to the 28th year of your life! ;)