Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Returning to Life, with some Chnges

Well the trip was amazing. We got down there and the weather was warm enough to wear shorts (a rarity in Utah in March). The cruise was great having two days on the boat with two more days in Cabo san Lucas, Mexico. Both day's that we were on the boat we went to the "Adults Only" section and layed out in the sun on the back of the boat. It was very relaxing, not windy (most decks were), and very quiet--what you wouldn't have gotten if you were in the main pool area. Some pictures of our day's on the boat...

The first day in Cabo we went scuba diving. This was my first non-certifying dive that I have done. All I can say after diving is that it is AMAZING! I can't believe I didn't do it before; well I can because when have I gone somewhere to dive but it was a great adventure. It is amazing for the aniamal life that you can see underwater. Other than the usual coral/plants we saw Starfish, Rock fish, Barracuda(I think), puffer fish, and many others that I don't know their name. The first dive we dove by the drop-off to the deep part of the bay. We circled around a large rock formation and got to see all the fun aquatic life living around there. On the second dive we got to go around a ship wreck (it is slowly getting buried by sand), and got to go around the rock at point of the bay. Usually at this location you can see seals swimming but the water was very rough so we didn't get to see them. The other group got to see a huge eel but we didn't get a chance to see it. Below is us before and after diving...

The second day we went to the beach and wandered the markets. It was a very long walk to get to the beach but it was well worth it, plus we got to see more of the port!

After we got off the boat the boyfriend and I stayed in San Diego for a few days where we took in the sites of downtown. We toured Petco Park and Sea World for the two days that we were in town all day.

The exciting part of the trip was on the first day the boyfriend proposed! Yep, I am now a happily engaged  woman. (::Happy dance goes here::) The picture below is us just after getting engaged, it isn't the best but it works, right?

We are just starting the planning but you will definitely now be informed about what is going on in the wedding process. I will tell all about the proposal in another post (hopefully tomorrow) but I wanted to update..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daylight Savings

If you didn't already know, I am a night owl through and through. Eventually, this is going to have to change because my boyfriend is not a night owl. He is definitely a morning person. So we are going to have to come to some kind of a compromise to get this worked out in the end but for now it works (with me giving him crap when he wants to go to bed at 9pm). But I digress...

As everyone knows daylight savings occurred Saturday, now I definitely welcome the more sunshine but getting up in the morning with no light really sucks.  Obviously with the change everyone will have a slight problem adjusting to the new time but this time I have been really struggling to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Sunday night it was 12:30/45am when I last looked at the clock; Monday we were a little better but still at 12:00/15 am and last night I was a lot better with it and last looking at the clock at 11:30pm. Granted it's only been 3 days but I have struggled with this a lot more than I can remember in the past.

I think the biggest problem now is the morning! I have been getting up later and later as the week has gone on. Opposite than what I would like to be doing. Yes, I am tired from the previous late nights but normally this isn't a huge issue when I have a late night in a week.  I haven't gotten up at the time I had planned on the past two mornings where I thought that I might take some time and get ready but that hasn't happened. So the struggle with this time change continues. Maybe tonight will be the first time when I will go to bed at 11pm and get up at 6:30am, we shall see!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lessons Learned

My last vacation out of the state was when I went to Sun Valley just about this time last year. It was a girls weekend where we ate, shopped, and relaxed for a few, short, days. Since it was about a year ago, I can't wait to get out of town this weekend AND it will be longer than just a weekend trip. This means, I leave for the much anticipated cruise on Friday!!!!

I have progressed from my "list stage" in the last post and I progressed to the "shopping stage". Yes, I use the trip to help with my retail therapy. Since my last post, I have gone shopping for shorts (hooray for spring or I would have been in trouble), pants, shirts, and shoes. I have also gotten all the travel size toiletries and hard candy for the trip. So I think that I'm doing good on everything but you never know because you will forget that one item and then you will be screwed--well not screwed but you will have to spend some extra $$ to get those items.

My grandmother is the expert of traveling and since I have lived with her just about 5 years I have learned a lot from her when it comes to traveling. She has traveled to over 100 countries and I think she knows a thing, or two, about packing. I love coming home after work about 3 weeks before she goes on a trip because her clothing is pulled out and she starts to think about what she is going to bring. To follow her lead I started this ritual on Saturday. It is such a great idea and I can actually think about what I am going to wear and when.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I leave for the wonderful vacation (info in previous message) in 9 days!!! I am so excited and the time has come that I needed to get my two lists ready. The first list is the "To Do" list. For me this consists of everything that I will need to do before I leave. This includes laundry, cleaning, etc. When I first created this list it was 12 things long. Granted this doesn't seem long but just before that I did my "To Pack" list and I was SO overwhelmed. The good news is I am now down to 9 things on the list and I think that I will be good to go by next Thursday.

Why next Thursday when I leave Friday? Well, the rest of the boy's family is driving down and they are kind enough to take our bags so we don't have to check baggage. The kicker is that I will need to have everything packed by this time next week so I can take it over to the boy's place next Thursday so they can pack it when they leave Friday morning.  Oh the excitement (??) of trips!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wax, oil & dish soap

I received a voice mail last night from one of my good friends that is living in Wisconsin and I was unable to answer it because I was eating dinner with my parents.  After they left I went and checked my message and by the end of it I was laughing and I was glad that I didn't take the call while the parents were here.

The gist of the phone call: she got her eyebrows waxed, the girl was speedy in getting them done,  and the the girl dripped wax into her hair. She doesn't have internet at home so she called me to help get a home remedy for it. So I go turn on my computer and give her a call to assess the situation. I ask her how the girl got wax in her hair and by the time she was done with the story I was laughing harder than when I listened to the message. I Googled a remedy and there were quite a few options to do. The remedy that we ended up deciding that she would do is put oil in her hair where it is and the wax will rub out. I think that this is a great solution and I assume that this funny episode is done. Boy was I wrong.

About an hour later I got another call from her; the wax is gone (or as far as she can tell) but her hair is a huge ball of oil because there was more than one spot of the wax that she came upon while getting the one out. Her new issue--getting the oil out. By this time I was laughing hysterically and I felt so bad for laughing but the whole situation is spiraling out of control. I repeat a Google search and try to find a solution for oil in your hair (see how funny it is?!?). Options: wash your hair 3 times or use dish soap. After both of us calmed down laughing we came to a solution of trying to use shampoo instead of the dish soap.

Did that work?

Nope, she ended up having to use the dish soap. The soap helped get rid of the oil but her hair was a frizzy mess today. I still am laughing about the situation and come to find out her co-workers did the same thing I did--laugh. The whole situation is hilarious because she had to use cooking/kitchen products to get a little bit of wax out of her hair and it probably could have been avoided if the worker would have taken a little more time in waxing her eyebrows. Oh, the good times on the phone!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trip Preperations

For Christmas I received a cruise from my wonderful boyfriends parents.  His family and I will be going on a 5-day cruse out of San Diego to Cabo San Lucas for 2 days. The boyfriend and I will fly down the night before we leave (his family is driving), go on the cruise and then stay for an additional 3 days.

I have been SO excited to go since I found out I started looking for shirts/shorts/swim suits/etc for the trip (since November). I even got my mom into the planning because she gave me a sweater for Christmas! In January I got a paper calendar that I cut down and decided to put up at my desk that actually started counting down from 60 days out (it didn't plan the days to work out that way but it did!!). Well today I crossed off another day and I'm down to 16 (!!!!) and the sad part is I am NOT ready for this trip.

Yes, I have gotten a couple of fun dresses for dinners, flip-flops, beach/walking shoes, shorts, swim suit, etc. all the usual stuff you might get for a trip. The thing is that I feel like I am not going to be prepared for everything that I need! I would start to pack now but like I said before I am 16 days away from going and you can't really start to pack for it now. It's a loose, loose situation right now. So I guess I will start to pull things that I won't need the next 2+ weeks and get that going. I just hope I can keep my stuff into 1 suitcase...