Thursday, March 31, 2011

Under Construction

Well, once again the Hortin household is under construction. On Monday Scott and I started emptying out the basement to start construction in finishing the house. After filling Scott's truck with things for  Brian and Christine to Scott's parents home, filling a recycle bin and 2 garbage can's, 6+ bags to the DI and filling the garage with everything we are keeping--the basement is clean and ready for demolition.

It sounds like we are going to be fairly conservative in the demo by trying to keep some of the wallboard but who knows if that will actually happen. We will then keep the same layout but we will frame in the sewer pipes, water heater, and the furnace/AC.  In the end we will have 2 more bed rooms and a "man cave". One of the rooms we will use as storage since it is much smaller, and we really don't need a 4th bedroom. In the "man cave" there will be a dry bar area and an entertainment area.  So you will get the excitement of the Hortin Renovation #2 this spring...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ashley's Wedding

Well, I'm updating at work because my work computer is getting upgraded and everything I need to do has to deal with: my files that are on the server (that I can't get to on this one), need a scanner, or a printer. SO with my "free time" I am writing here.

2 weekends ago my best friend, Ashley, got married! It was a great 1.5 weeks of events leading up to the big day. I threw her a party where all her friends and ward girls came over and we had a nice relaxing night and made a lot of new friends.

The next day I went with Ashley and did her Bridal Photos. She had so many beautiful pictures and it was a good time laughing and seeing her shine in her dress. One of my favorite photos (I am sure she would disagree) is the one below:

 The next week I went to a shower that her sister was throwing for her family. It was a great time hanging out with her family and getting to know them better.

Then on Thursday before her wedding I threw her a Bachelorette Party that was a great time laughing with her family and friends. There were a lot of laughter in the house, poor Scott got to hear it all downstairs, and Ashley turning BRIGHT red.

On Friday we had a girls afternoon where her sister Amber, cousin Abby, Ashley and I went and got our nails done. It was another night of laughter and fun. I can pretty much guarantee that the nail salon was happy when we left because we were very loud. 

On Saturday was her wedding. Scott & I went and watched her nephews and her cousin's boys while everyone went to the temple ceremony. 

She was a gorgeous bride and the couple was happy as ever to finally be married. After the ceremony I helped with her photos around the grounds and then went to lunch at her place. After that we headed up to This is the Place State Park where her reception was held. We helped get everything set up and had a few minutes to watch the storms come into the valley.

During the reception we hung out with Matt & Amanda from work and watched them cut their cake, garter/flower toss, and their first dance being married. 

The night was fun and full of laughter and talking to friends from work. We got the bride out of her  dress and got her out of the building to go. The exciting part about the couple leaving is they spent their first night in their new home together. 

I wish Ashley & Eric the best marriage! Congratulations Ashley--you deserve it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eta Province Meeting

Well back in February I was busy helping the other Province Directors plan the Eta Province Meeting. This meeting, for those of you who don't know, is a meeting that occurs in the off years of convention--i.e. the odd years. Our meeting area, Eta, consists of 6 chapters and quite a few alumnae associations in 4 states: Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. 

This was my 2nd time planning the meeting because last time it was in Salt Lake but I was in charge of the physical meeting space/venues. This time I helped do all the material for the meetings. Granted, I didn't do a lot until I got there because our lead PD was amazing and on top of things but I helped. We had over 200 Kappa's attend and it was a great time. It made me realize that I need to do more exploring in Colorado. There are a lot of fun people and I heard about the fun places that they go to/live in. 

While there I was elected into my current role of Province Director of Chapters. This year I was appointed by Fraternity Council so it was just for this academic year (August- June). I am excited to have another 2 years of getting involved with Kappa! In June I will get to go to Ohio and get some official training in knowing what I am supposed to be doing--instead of just doing what I think should be done. 

Are you ready to hear about another 2 years of my drama? ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well, all I can say is oops about not updating. Life, as usual, has been very crazy lately. Kappa's Eta Province Meeting was done 3 weeks ago (hooray!) and I was officially elected into the Province Director of Chapters position. After that was 2 weeks of getting Ashley all wedding showered/bachelorette partied out and of course the most important thing: Married! I'll update on both of these this weekend-- I promise! But now I am off to bed. :)