Sunday, July 22, 2012


Well, we got back from the trip and Scott started having a sharp pain in his stomach. The bad part of this is Scott didn't tell me that he has this until I caught him doing a huge grimace that looked like it was really bad on Wednesday night. He said that he might go to the doctor if he still had the pain in the morning. Well Wednesday night we didn't sleep much as he was not doing well so he went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon.

when he went there they thought it might be kidney stones so they did an x-ray. Didn't see anything so then they said they wanted to do a CT scan to see if it was something called diverticulitis. Now diverticulitis is something that usually happens to older people but we were aware of this disease because of a MMA fighter who has dealt with it within the past year. The bad thing about the CT is our insurance requires it to be pre-approved so he had to wait until Tuesday to have it.

We went through the weekend as normal but he was still sick and said that he was "fine." Luckily the pain didn't get worse and didn't have to make an ER visit. Scott kept telling me through the weekend it was kidney stones, even though they didn't see any in the x-ray, I thought differently.

Tuesday came around and he did the CT in the morning and then went back to work. The technician told him that he will need to come back in at the end of the week after they get the results evaluated. He received a call about an hour later- the doctor told him he had to come in that day. Not a good thing.

He went into the doctor and he said that with just preliminary analysis of his scan he knows he has diverticulitis. Awesome. The more crazy thing about this is Scott is the youngest person that he has ever seen with the disease. Even better, right? So now our healthy lifestyle change will be reinforced. More fruit, veggies, and fiber will be in the Hortin's home.

Lets hope that the inflammation goes away after this 10 day antibiotic stint and we won't have to deal with a flair up ever again. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alaska Cruise

We just got back from a wonderful Alaskan Cruise that we got for Christmas. It was a great week with the family and enjoying the wonderful scenery that is in the wild North. I just loved it. Below are a handful of photos from the 10 day trip:

At the airport

Bill, Nicci, Scott & I went on a wine tasting through a neighboring valley.

Went to a Boston vs. Seattle baseball game, they unfortunately lost. :(

Enjoying our night

Spent Sunday morning visiting and catching up with Jorene and Jesse

And we met the future Kappa Zadie! Such a cutie.

Boarded a boat for 8 days- view looking back to Seattle.

Enjoyed a wonderful week with Gram.

Got dressed up and went to a show.

Did a walking tour of Ketchikan (no rain!)

Loved looking at the small towns (pictured is Ketichikan).

Celebrated 1- 80th Birthday, 2- 55th Birthdays, 3- 30th Birthdays, and 1- 21st Birthday.  Pictured is Bill's celebration.

Saw the Tracy Arm glacier- BEAUTIFUL!

Did a Bike tour around a glacier/lake & visited a brewery in Juno.

Hung out with a crazy brother.

Learned about Red Onion Saloon during the Gold Rush in Skagway.

Dad experienced what the "dancing girls" did to the minors when they visited.

Visited Canada and walked across a huge river.

Did some shopping in each town.

Had a "Duck Fart" shot- even Gram had one!

Dressed up a 2nd night.

Had a balloon drop in the center of the ship.

Did a pub craw in Victoria.

We did see some sights in Victoria- pictured is Parliament.

Got some needed R&R

And enjoyed a Sunday morning at Pikes Market- wonderful people watching place!
So these are just a few of the photos taken over the week (I took just under 400). Hopefully the 23 posted didn't bore you too much! All in all I highly recommend going and seeing the state and it is beautiful and great to see.