Monday, August 19, 2013

Yellowstone with the Hortin's

Two weeks ago the Hortin family, minus the Coles who moved to Ohio a month ago, went up to the Barn for the weekend. We had a great time visiting Yellowstone with everyone and just enjoyed the time relaxing between crazy weeks of work. Below are some photos of the weekend.

Jack walking on the Old Faithful boardwalk.
Our view of Old Faithful.

We saw these guys on our way in AND out.
Captain enjoying the boat.
Scott fishing on boat attempt #1.

This video is of Captain wanting to get the ducks that were in the lake. Needless to say we are going to be purchasing a life jacket for him so he can swim safely!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pleasant Valley Days

The weekend following July 4th we went down to Scofield to celebrate Pleasant Valley Days. Kevin, Jayne, Jack, and Brian came down to celebrate with us. It was a great weekend and I can't wait to get back!

Family photo with Jack sleeping (one of the only times he wasn't on the go).

As usual a John Deere was present.

He loved the weekend chasing birds and rodents.

Scott loved fishing, when it wasn't raining.

Beautiful sunset.

To cap the Saturday events we were able to see some fireworks.

Vacation to Hawaii

So Scott and I snuck away from Salt Lake for 8 days to go to Hawaii for a vacation. For me it was a grand vacation as I didn't work at all (no work OR Kappa)! Scott did work a bit but in the end it worked out. Below are some photos from our trip. We loved Honolulu and can't wait to get back again. 

We are off!
Our actual home away from home (it took us 5 days to realize our condo and home address are the same).
The view from our lanai!

My new hat and dress.

We visited the U.S.S. Arizona. Such a humbling place!

We hiked Diamond Head.

I just love the trees down by Waikiki.

View from our lanai looking the other direction.

One morning Scott saw this cool sight.

I enjoyed watching the small crabs go in and out of their nests (?)

Another beautiful sunset (one of many).

On tour of the island- at the sight of one of Elvis's movies.

Another cool tree.

We went to the PCC and Scott tried out throwing a stick.

One of our hikes along the coast.

Very cool tide pool.