Saturday, August 16, 2014

Half-way There

Baby Boy H's feet at 18 Weeks
The good news is we are 1/2 way through this crazy thing called pregnancy. Overall it has been uneventful and only suffered from "Morning Sickness" for ~2 months. The downfall of the sickness was I was traveling a lot during the time I wasn't feeling well but I survived. I haven't taken the 1/2 way photo yet and I'll get to that this week. I definitely think that I am looking more pregnant than before when I just looked fat (in my opinion).

The nice with with hitting the 1/2 way mark is we are now on the downside of this pregnancy. I had my first freakout when I read in a book and it said that I needed to get my furniture ordered by 20 weeks. Who knows what they are going to need for a nursery by now??  Scott and I are taking it slow, compared to some, but we are trying to enjoy every minute with this little guy being here but not HERE. So I had my freakout and we haven't done anything since. Promising, right? I did talk to my mom and say we need to get planning as we will need to paint the room and I'd like to not have all of the paint fumes stuck in the house because it's winter.

Scott and I have decided that I am not a very good pregnant person so it's a good thing we are doing this once. ;)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Relaxing Getaway

My attempting to flyfish, fail.
Yesterday Scott and I went up to Trial lake so we could do some fishing. It was great to get up to the High Uinta's and enjoy the great outdoors. We got up super early, 6am, so we could try and beat the rush to the lake. It was a great idea as we were able to get onto the lake and enjoy most of the morning without people.

Scott would have been a great provider as he was the one that caught the fish. I tried for a while but then ended up just floating and enjoying the view. As you can tell from my photos below. I am not ready for summer to come to an end but it definitely was nice to get outside again.

Scott was trying to catch the fish- unfortunately it escaped.

One Spoiled Baby

Baby H, as I am calling our little man, is going to be one spoiled kid. His Aunt Nicci sent him the cutest onesies and pajamas. One of the pajamas is above. How cute is the giraffe! You should see the others she sent are adorable and I can't wait for him to wear them.

His Grandma Hortin also sent a package home with Scott. He got his first blanket, finger puppets, and set of toys. He also got a fun Disney World wooden train set that they brought back from their trip to Orlando. So fun!