Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow. I've been MIA

Well, as I said in my previous post that I would update over the weekend. As you can tell it didn't happen. I'm sorry for that but I haven't had anything major to post or talk about. I figure that I should write that I can't believe where the time has gone since the new year?

Things have been really busy in my life. My maiden of honor, Ashley, became engaged over New Years so we have been busy getting her wedding ready for March 12.  I've been busy helping with the invites, planning a shower with Amanda and getting her bachelorette planned.  In addition to Ashley's wedding Scott's sister, Christine, became engaged over the weekend and will be getting married June 11th. So we will be getting more wedding planning going on that side of things!

Kappa has been really busy because next weekend is our Province Weekend and I'll be traveling to Ft. Collins, CO for a few days. I'll be a good weekend full of meetings and getting to know what the Fraternity has planned for over the next year until Convention.

Yesterday was Valentines and my wonderful husband, who I LOVE dearly, made us a wonderful home cooked meal. We did a home-style "Melting Pot" restaurant dinner where Scott did a salad, did a chicken broth where we cooked steak, chicken and some veggies. We then watched a movie and then did a chocolate fondue for desert. It was a wonderful night and I am one special girl to have a husband do a dinner like that!

I promise that I will stay on top of the blog but I can't guarantee it for a few weeks at least.  :D