Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Routine

Over the last week we started a new routine. Part of it includes moving the little guy into his own crib, instead of the bassinet that he was in. His pediatrician was surprised he was still in it but thanks to a coworker letting us borrow her bassinet that her dad made we had a bigger one than normal. The wonderful thing is he has slept pretty good in his own room. We have had 3 nights of not getting up at all, 3 nights of getting up once, and one night (first night) of getting up 2+ times. It has been amazing to sleep through the night but it is very sad that this little guy is getting so big.

The other big change has me going back to work full-time. It has been nice to get back to work and get the full 40 hours but I do miss seeing him in the afternoon. The good news is he seems like he has enjoyed going to day care and is adjusting well. I hope that it continues that way!

Now we need to get him transitioned out of the sleep sac as I know he will be rolling from his back to tummy pretty soon here and that will cause an issue. If you have any suggestions in how to transition please let us know as we will take any recommendations right now. :)