Sunday, December 28, 2014

39 Weeks, 5 days

Well this photo was taken at 39 weeks on the dot. I definitely feel pregnant, more so than previous weeks. We had an eventful week since this photo was taken. On Wednesday we went to the 39 week appointment and left the office thinking that we were going to be gearing up for week 41 after talking to the RN who helped us (my doctor was out of the office for the holiday). We hadn't had any progression from the week before and my sugar readings were under fairly good control.

After leaving the office, maybe 30 minutes, I got a call from my doctors assistant saying that my doctor doesn't want me to go past 40 weeks and we had two options for induction- Friday morning or Sunday night. After calling Scott we scheduled it for Sunday night so he could get work in order before the little man comes.

So we have been busy with all the Christmas parties and getting things finalized for the little man to come tomorrow. Today I have been wrapping up things for work that came up over the weekend, getting Kappa finalized as much as I can, and getting the house ready. It's crazy to think the little man will be here possibly tomorrow! I'll update as I can once we get the little guy here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

36 weeks

Well, we are down to the final weeks before the little guy arrives. We are all hanging in there and getting as much sleep as we can right now. I tend to find myself on the couch at least one night a week as the bed doesn't help in getting me to back to sleep. ;-)

We were able to get the little man's crib put together and  the room is ready for the little guy to come. In addition to getting the crib we have gotten the car seat so he can really come as we can transport him home from the hospital. The only thing that I really need to do is get the dresser organized so we can actually use the diaper changing station.

Over Thanksgiving we went down to St. George and spent a few days with my parents. We went to Vegas for some Black Friday shopping and then Saturday and Sunday Scott went golfing. I spent Saturday getting a pedicure and working on Kappa.

Now to get work in order so I can be out for a little. That will be the ultimate key, but probably won't happen... :)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

33.5 Weeks & Dealing with GD

Well we hit 33 weeks on Tuesday so we are now under 50 days from Baby H joining us!! I am excited to hit this mark as it means we are now under 7 weeks away from getting to meet the little guy but the overall feeling is this is crazy.

In talking to a co-worker at the end of work on Tuesday she prompted me to look and see if the crib that Scott and I wanted came in. After looking online we were super surprised as they had the stock back in. So we were able to run down and pick it up that night. We put it together last night so now the little guys' room is ready.

The bad news is on the Gestational Diabetes front of the pregnancy. I wasn't able to get my morning fasting levels to the level that the doctors want them to be at so I've had to go on medication. Granted, it isn't a lot but it is still unfortunate/frustrating that I wasn't able to get it low enough to get things where we needed it to be.

With having to go on medication I am now having to do a Non-Stress Test (NST) two times a week. It isn't a difficult test but it is still time consuming because I'll be out of the office between 1 to 1.5 hours each time, depending on how the little guy is moving. After having two NST tests I am told we are good but we will see what the next 6 weeks bring.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Halloween this year was a bit of a mellow one. I pulled together my Mike outfit at the last minute, all thanks to dad. Overall the day was good and we were able to celebrate it in the office with a potluck and most of the staff getting dressed up. That night Scott and I stayed home to greet the whopping 30 kids that came trick-or-treating. I'm not sure if that is the number but it seemed low for a nice weather AND having Halloween on a Friday night.

I hope you all had a great celebration!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Moving along, almost 31 weeks!

Overall it has been a good 2 weeks. We are just short of the 31 week mark and I really feel great, even despite the gestational diabetes that we are still dealing with.

I've been working to get my numbers under control. During the day I have been really good, for the most part, but I haven't been able to get my AM fasting levels to where the doctor wants it to be. So Friday I worked with the nutritionist and hopefully the new plan works. If anyone has good ideas for a night 'snack' that includes protein please let me know! So far this weekend we have gotten the morning levels down so hopefully the new plan works out. 

We tried to get the baby's furniture this week with Robyn and Dan but we were only able to get the dresser. Apparently Ikea's distributor is having issues in getting them the cribs. Hopefully we will be able to get it in the next couple of weeks when the shipment comes in. If not, we will have to look for another idea for the crib.  We will be picking up the bassinet from a friend next week so in all reality he will have somewhere to sleep when he gets here.

In other news Scott made the best brisket that he has ever made last night for the USC football game. This picture doesn't do half the justice but it will have to work for you all. Maybe we can say that he will do it again sometime soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

3rd Trimester- Ready, Go!

I am super excited about entering into the 3rd trimester but at the same time I am wishing I was back in the 'honeymoon' stage of this pregnancy. I think the part that I'm struggling with is my sleep. Getting up 2+ times each night and some nights staring at the ceiling for an hour is a little excessive and tiring. I know its getting me ready for the new arrival but sleep is so nice!

We* have been super productive in getting the nursery fully painted and we have put the tree decal on the wall. It is super exciting to get that done and now we just need to get the furniture for the room. Above is the photo of the 'main' wall where we are going to put the crib. I think we are getting the crib next week so more photos will come.  *And when I say 'we' it's all Scott.

The bad news is I did the glucose testing last week and I have gestational diabetes. It's hard to swallow that ego pill as I thought I was doing well. I haven't gained too much weight (13lbs last week) and I was pretty active for the first 22 weeks. So I spent this afternoon learning about what I need to do to keep this under control. The true excitement is the use of the wonderful meter pictured above. :-/

Overall this new change is good for both Scott and I. I am not looking forward to the challenge for this girl who loves her carbs.  I really don't think it will not be a hard transition it will just require me to start to think about what I'm eating. The excercise will not be an issue I just need to leave the office on time and go to they gym.  I also need to look at this the way the nutritionist pointed out- it will only be for 11 weeks (::crossing fingers::).

In all reality, life is going great and we are super excited to have the little man join us in just over 10 weeks but we have a lot to do before he can come. (Do you hear that little guy? You can't come early.)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 27- Baby Panic Avoided

Baby's Room Before
 Two weeks ago Scott was on a guys trip to St. George and I had a panic attack that we hadn't started anything for the little guy and at the time was expected to arrive in 16 weeks. So the past 2 weeks we have started to get things ready. (When I say "we" I really mean Scott. :) )

We moved the office/craft room in with the guest bedroom so things are tight down there but it'll work out for everyone, or at least we hope so. The last week painting the room and installing the new light/fan. We just got the wall decal so that is the next step in getting things ready in the nursery.

I also started getting things on the registry so that is also exciting. The bad thing is there is SO much to decide what you *really need* vs. good thing to have. So here is the excitement of the next steps!

Baby's room is painted!

Friday, September 5, 2014

2nd Ultrasound

Well, we had to go in for a 2nd ultrasound because the receptionist's scheduled our first ultrasound a little too early to get all the measurements they needed.  Scott and I were able to spend some additional time looking at the crazy boy last week.

I felt bad for the technician because he wasn't too cooperative for her. She was also an intern so that probably didn't help. Just before we were done he finally slightly cooperated and gave us the photo above. It just makes me smile that he is growing and is getting bigger. It doesn't make me smile that he is making me get a new wardrobe as I can't fit into most of my shirts that I could wear 2 weeks ago.

Over the long weekend we were able to get down to Scofield. It wasn't too exciting, just a quick overnight trip, but it was nice to get away from the 'world'. Scott fished, the dog ran and ran and ran, and I sat and did nothing. It was heaven. Now for things to get crazy with work and needing to hire 2 positions. Happy weekend!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Half-way There

Baby Boy H's feet at 18 Weeks
The good news is we are 1/2 way through this crazy thing called pregnancy. Overall it has been uneventful and only suffered from "Morning Sickness" for ~2 months. The downfall of the sickness was I was traveling a lot during the time I wasn't feeling well but I survived. I haven't taken the 1/2 way photo yet and I'll get to that this week. I definitely think that I am looking more pregnant than before when I just looked fat (in my opinion).

The nice with with hitting the 1/2 way mark is we are now on the downside of this pregnancy. I had my first freakout when I read in a book and it said that I needed to get my furniture ordered by 20 weeks. Who knows what they are going to need for a nursery by now??  Scott and I are taking it slow, compared to some, but we are trying to enjoy every minute with this little guy being here but not HERE. So I had my freakout and we haven't done anything since. Promising, right? I did talk to my mom and say we need to get planning as we will need to paint the room and I'd like to not have all of the paint fumes stuck in the house because it's winter.

Scott and I have decided that I am not a very good pregnant person so it's a good thing we are doing this once. ;)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Relaxing Getaway

My attempting to flyfish, fail.
Yesterday Scott and I went up to Trial lake so we could do some fishing. It was great to get up to the High Uinta's and enjoy the great outdoors. We got up super early, 6am, so we could try and beat the rush to the lake. It was a great idea as we were able to get onto the lake and enjoy most of the morning without people.

Scott would have been a great provider as he was the one that caught the fish. I tried for a while but then ended up just floating and enjoying the view. As you can tell from my photos below. I am not ready for summer to come to an end but it definitely was nice to get outside again.

Scott was trying to catch the fish- unfortunately it escaped.

One Spoiled Baby

Baby H, as I am calling our little man, is going to be one spoiled kid. His Aunt Nicci sent him the cutest onesies and pajamas. One of the pajamas is above. How cute is the giraffe! You should see the others she sent are adorable and I can't wait for him to wear them.

His Grandma Hortin also sent a package home with Scott. He got his first blanket, finger puppets, and set of toys. He also got a fun Disney World wooden train set that they brought back from their trip to Orlando. So fun!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A New Addition to the Household

A little gift for you...

.. and we hope you are excited...

... to welcome a new baby!

Scott and I are excited to announce that we are expecting a little boy to join our family in December! He is expected to join us on the 30th and hope he sticks to that date so he isn't close too Christmas and is still joining us in 2014. ;-)

I am excited to document the journey from now (4.5m) until he arrives. I hope you don't get too sick of the baby crazy that will be coming from this blog. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer 2014, So Far

As Scott and my past summers we have been super busy. This was my first weekend at home in 5 weekends! It has been great with 2 trips to Island Park, one to Wisconsin for reunion, and one to Texas. Some updates on the trips are below:

Island Park
I love Island Park and enjoy being there. Now if you could cut the drive down by 2 hours it would be ideal (and we would go up there every week). The first weekend we went up for Henry Fork Foundation celebration. We were able to do some fishing and celebrating the river (30 years, I believe).
Scott fishing on the river.

 The second weekend we went up there for Independence Day. It was a good weekend where everyone, but Nicci/Bill/Olie, were able to attend. We spent the days relaxing, playing in the lake, and taking a Rzr ride.
Independence Day View

The dogs got to go for a ride in the Rzrs.

One, two, three...jump!
Over my birthday we went to Wisconsin to celebrate my 10th Reunion. It's crazy to think that I've been out of college that long!! It was great to get back together with everyone.  We went in a day early and toured Miller Brewing Company and went to dinner with Bill's (Nicci's husband) sister and her cute family. Friday we were able to tour Lambou Field before all the celebrations started. It was a great weekend seeing everyone and reliving the good 'ole days.

The group on the field of Lambou!

The swimmers! We did actually swim laps and did diving well sprints.

Junior year roomies! We tried to visit but no one was home.

Kappas trying to visit the room.

I was able to attend Kappa's 70th Annual Convention in Houston, TX the last week in June. It was great seeing 1,100 women come together and get some business done in a jam packed 4 days. I was able to see 3 of my fellow chapter sisters (and actually met one of the founders for our chapter), hangout with my fellow PD's, and fellow Salt Lake ladies. Below are some photos that I remembered to take.
Zeta Epsilon, Lawrence University, Kappas

I love these two- Salt Lake Kappa's represent!

Region 6 Chapter Team- My rock for the past 2 years.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

We had a great Memorial Day at Scofield with the Hortin family. The unfortunate part of the weekend was that we worked all day Saturday and part of Sunday on cleaning out the kitchen and updating the paint on the deck.

It wasn't all work, we were able to get some play in. The play activities include fishing for the guys,  Rzr ride down below the dam, target shooting, walks and naps. On Sunday I was able to watch a lot of goslings and their parents on the shore of the lake. It's crazy how many little ones were there and in one group.  It was a good weekend to kick off a busy June!

Some after photos of our work and the goslings:
The amount of supplies we took down filled the back seat of the truck.

The kitchen all clean! (I should have taken a before to show the difference)

Patio floor is done!

Captain watching the birds and wanting to get them all weekend.

The goslings (in the water)!

Backyard Creations

Since the last update we have spent every extra minute working on the back yard (or at least it seems that way). The good news is we have finally finished all the major projects. Now I just need to make cushions for the patio chairs (I've only had the supplies for a year) and we are going to edit our shade awning to make it a little easier to remove and hopefully move on the wires. For now here are a few photos of the finished project!
Lower pond at night, with plants

Upper pond at night, with plants

Full pond with the lights on the wall (they can be changed any color!)

Upper pond, day- no plants

Full yard look- no plants

Planter boxes!! This was before we planed the past weekend...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April Brings Busy Times

Not like anything is new in the statement "busy times" for our life but it continued through April.

Last weekend Nicci and Bill came into town and it was a great time having them here for a few days. We were able to take the Fun Bus out to Wendover. We had the whole family there and had a great night of family fun, with the only person winning being Dad. Saturday my parents had an open house and it was great seeing all of the family and friends.

Other things that we have been doing this spring is working on the yard. We finally finished the fence and actually stained it this weekend. We have started working on the water feature and the retaining wall for it today. We hope to get it done in the next month and I'll post the final pictures when we are done. I lost many of the photos that were taken as we were building the fence because of my phone dieing but a couple of the photos of the progress are below.

The backyard with the fence- it makes it a lot more secluded from the neighbors (if only you could make it sound proof). Captain loves having the yard enclosed because he can now roam the yard. You can slightly see him on the trailer sunning- his new favorite spot.

 Captain was working so hard this weekend he decided he needed a nap in the middle of the dirt. 

This photo contains everything we did this weekend: waterproofed the fence, ran electricity for the fountain and BBQ (not shown), determined where the pond will be, and got the bricks for the start of the retaining wall.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Trip to Moab

Well, despite work being crazy Scott and I went down to Moab last weekend. We had a good weekend with my parents and were able to do some fun new trails and do some of the classics that we have done in our previous 2 trips. Below are some photos of the weekend.

Poison Spider Mesa Outlook

Canyonlands overlook to the Needles area (I believe)
Chicken Corners view to the Green River

Mom and Dad on Fins 'n Things

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Already

Wow, it has been 5 months since the last update and I don't know where the time has gone and what we have done. It has been a whirlwind of a winter and really we haven't done anything exciting. We hosted Christmas as my parents house wasn't done, went to St. George for New Years and the Barn in January, I took a trip to Wyoming a couple weeks ago, and we have started working on our fence. some photo hilights are below. I hope that I can start-up updating again. Sorry for the massive hiatus!

Scott's Halloween Costume

My cute nephew! We hungout a few nights.

The Christmas table

The Office Holiday Sweater party

Scott was appointed the Tyler in his lodge.

We had Aspin and Will through December until they got an apartment.