Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vancouver Visit

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Vancouver, Canada for a recruitment visit. It was great to go up there and see part of the city. I had visited the island of Victoria while we were on a cruise and knew that I wanted to go back. This visit cemented that we need to go to Vancouver and then go over to Victoria.

Sunday after the recruitment events I ended up going on a 5 mile, 2 hour, walk/hike to the beach that was adjacent to campus. It was an unexpected adventure and I'm glad that I did it, now.  :)

The walk to/from the grocery store.

One of the awesome trees that you walk under- completely covered with moss.

Walking down to the ocean.

The toes in the sand photo- at least I got them in sand this year. Not quite the place I had thought but it works.

Beautiful sunset. The surf was rough but people were surfing.

Cool photo of the beach with all the lumber used as benches.

Walking along the shoreline trail (aka hike).

Climbing back to civilization.

An awesome spring/stream to the ocean.

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