Sunday, November 1, 2015

5th Anniversiary

Scott and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary, and his 34th Birthday, in Vegas. It was a great getaway albeit shorter than what we both wanted.

We started out on Scott's Birthday flying down and just relaxing. We spent some time at the HardRock hotel where we were in the black playing Blackjack.

The next morning Scott got sick but he still went and played golf. I got a massage and relaxed at the pool. Scott spent some time with me at the pool but went upstairs and slept all afternoon. That night we had plans to go to dinner and to Zumanity. I ate a great dinner, Scott mostly watched me eat as he still wasn't feeling great. We both really enjoyed Zumanity- it's crazy what they can do! I can't even think about doing 1/4 of the things they did...
Before Zumanity, he looks like he feels good but he doesn't.
Saturday I woke up sick. Bummer. That day I didn't do much but sleep. The good news is Scott played golf again and then came back to watch some football. I did peel myself out of bed to go to the Bass Pro shop/hotel for an hour. That night Scott watched the football game in the other room and I slept. (Hooray for Embassy Suites having two separate areas!)

Sunday brought a relaxing morning where we were both feeling much better! I went to the pool and then we went and saw Meg at the Hoover Dam. She was gracious enough to spend part of her last Sunday with us, instead of the boys, as she was getting ready to move to New Mexico for a new job with the Parks. It was amazing. Some photos of our tour are below.

From the top looking down.

One of the generators- we are small!

Looking up to the damn. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Looking over the other side. The water is so low.

Monday brought us to the only visit, minus to go to the show, to Las Vegas Boulevard. We walked around Ceasers, the two new hotels (since I've been there) and Bellagio. It's crazy how much the city has changed since I was a kid!

Elvis and Priscilla live in the hotel!

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