Sunday, November 1, 2015

Aaron hit's 10 months

Hamming up this photo
 It's truly amazing that Scott and I have kept a human, other than ourselves, alive for 10 months. It has been a roller coaster but so much fun.

Aaron is developing the funniest personality and keeps us on our toes. He loves to stand up and walk along the couch, loves to read his books, play/climb on the dog, eat *real* food, drinking from mom's cups, play in the toilet, and the latest two new developments includes walking alone with his push toy and opening drawers. Its only a matter of days, if that, before he starts to walk on his own (scary).

Playing in our new car seat box

One of the many time caught in the bathroom

Taking Trax home after football tailgating.

Drinking (?) mom's water.

My two monkeys (so sad he never was able to wear the monkey hat!)

After a typical dinner, covered in food.

Walking with Elephant.

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