Sunday, November 15, 2015

Busy Couple of Weeks

The last two weeks have been busy but good. Two Thursdays ago Scott and I took the day off so we could get phase 1 of the side yard done. We rented a tractor and dump trailer to take away the crappy dirt and then put in some bark, a total of 3 trips to the dump. We started at 8:30am when we dropped Aaron off at day care and worked until 5:45pm when I got him. It was a long day but it's good to have the major part of the project done.
Old Red for the win!

Just about done

Aaron has grown up and is starting to be Mr. Independent. He prefers non-liquefied foods and wants to feed himself It definitely has him proud but makes everything a bit.... messy.

He has also found the toilet and wants to help Dad with everything.
Ducky likes to swim in the toilet.

Helping dad install the new blinds.
I want to go outside and help dad.

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